Purchasing a membership to a gym shows that you are serious about your health and are willing to commit time and money to improving your strength and stamina. Whether you have never had a gym membership or it’s been years since you have been inside a gym, it is important to know the basics of gym etiquette if you want to ensure that your workouts are comfortable and safe.

Many gym memberships include at least one complimentary session with a personal trainer. When you are new to working out in a gym, it is in your best interest to complete the session with a trainer. Your trainer will be able to give you a tour of the gym and explain how to use different machine while also listening to your fitness goals and assisting you in developing an exercise routine that is best suited for you.

All gym goers want to exercise in a sanitary environment, so it is important for you to do your part by cleaning up after yourself when you use equipment or a machine. The best way to do this is by carrying a small towel that you can use to wipe down machines or equipment after you use them to ensure that they are dry and completely free of sweat. If you sweat profusely after a particularly strenuous work out, you may want to spray down the machine or equipment with sanitizing solution to ensure that it is clean for the next person.

It is not uncommon for gyms to become crowded during peak times which can lead to lines to use machines or equipment. If using a machine such as a treadmill or elliptical trainer, it is important to abide to any time limits set forth by the gym—it is considered a major faux-pas to continue using a machine longer than the peak hours time limit.
If you are using equipment such as weights or kettle bells and doing a work out that requires rest between sets, it is considered good gym manners to let someone else “work in” and use the equipment during your rest period.

Appropriate gym wear will help ensure that you get the most out of your work out. Footwear is of extreme importance—be sure that you’re wearing and athletic show that provides the appropriate amount of support for your feet. When it comes to gym clothes, it is recommended to wear something that fits well, but is not skin tight. Excessively loose clothing should be avoided, as it can get caught on equipment or machinery which can be hazardous. People with long hair should also pull it back while at the gym to prevent it from potentially getting stuck in weight stacks or other types of equipment. Perfume and cologne use should be limited at the gym, as many people can find the smell overpowering and unpleasant while exercising.

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