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gum graft cost in Toronto

Gums play an important role in protecting the teeth and are a core part of our oral health that must always be taken to account. For many people, there is never much thought given to gums unless they suddenly start experiencing sharp pains from the region. Largely this is because many people are never aware that under certain circumstances, gums do gradually wear away and can leave the roots exposed. In these situations, one will start experiencing sudden pain from areas where the root nerves get exposed to factors such as extreme temperatures when eating cold or hot meals and when brushing. This is because the root is extremely sensitive and is actually the reason why many people experience unbearable pain when they have tooth cavities that eat the crown and expose the root nerves.

The first question when people realize that they have a problem with their gums is to try and find out the cause of the problem. Studies on patients have revealed that the major causes of the condition are periodontal diseases which affect the natural state of the gums. For some patients, gum diseases are easily noticeable as they tend to have other signs such as bleeding or inflamed gums before they start noticing the receding gums. However, for others, they never realize they have any underlying condition until a dentist has to attend to them and explain the causing factors. It is not only periodontal diseases that can lead to gum recession, but other factors such as aggressive brushing, tobacco use, teeth grinding, a misaligned bite, and the results of orthodontic treatment can also count.

Professionally, it is recommended to seek periodontal care immediately one notices the first signs of gum recession as it is a condition that becomes worse over time. Ignoring it at the early stages where the pain is minimal and the area exposed is small can lead to greater complications or at the worst lead to tooth loss. Another reason why it is important to seek early treatment is before any procedure is carried out the dentists have first to ensure there is no underlying active periodontal disease. This is to avoid cases of ignoring the root cause as regardless of the procedure undertaken it will not be effective if the periodontal tissues are affected. Seeking early treatment, therefore, provides sufficient time for adequate treatment of the gum diseases before a corrective measure is taken to rebuild the gum lines that are worn away.

The most popular technique for correcting gum recession is gum grafting which has been utilized for years with great results. Since it has become a popular treatment method by specialized periodontists, gum graft cost in Toronto is manageable by all patients. Primarily, this treatment technique involves the collection of healthy tissues from a donor site and having them integrated on the spot where there was gum recession. It, therefore, requires a minimum of two surgical sites and while it does not take a long time it involves cutting and suturing. It is a globally accepted procedure which is excellent for both aesthetic and functional purposes and is a perfect solution to reducing tooth sensitivity and having brighter smiles.

Apart from the gum grafting procedure, there is a new technique that has been introduced and is equally as effective and is currently being offered in Toronto, Canada. This is the minimally invasive Chao pinhole surgical technique which utilizes the healthy gums as the spot where there was gum recession. The approved procedure has been used in lots of instances and always generated the desired results which have seen it become a perfect alternative to gum grafting. It restores the protective barrier that the teeth need while avoiding the need to have a donor site and can be used to restore multiple teeth in a single session. Ultimately, the treatment method depends on the patient’s condition and the recommendation of the periodontist who will have a customized plan for guaranteed satisfaction. Gum recessions can be complicated when ignored, but with professional periodontal care, it is a condition that will be successfully reversed and in turn avoid tooth and bone loss in the future.

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