Escorts need to interact with clients of different kinds, some are positive while a few are not so good. Several clients assume that as they pay for the services, they can do anything…they foolishly think that the escort is their personal property. Such unpleasant clients get listed on the escorts blacklist.

Actually, there are specific etiquettes to be followed when you book and spend moments with an escort. Adhering to these guidelines will be advantageous to both parties. It doesn’t matter, if you are new or repeat for more than a decade. Just because you have been spending time with an escort for a long time, it does not give you right to hurt her at any point. Dynamics between clients and escorts can change depending on the situation but here are some common guidelines to adhere to when you interact with them.

Avoid being a time waster

Time waster can be defined in many ways. For example, communicating with the call girl without any aim of really booking her is bad behavior. You may feel proud at this odd behavior but remember according to her you are a failure. Bear in mind that an escort girl is a professional and has many other clients to take care of. They need to serve their customers and not spend time reading and replying to timewaster’s texts all day long. Be clear about your intention, which will reveal an impression on the service provider that you care about their priorities and time.

Follow instructions

On online escort agencies like, you will find that every escort listed have their personal preferred communication methods for booking, which can be a phone, text, email or online option. You will need to read her profile thoroughly and contact them as defined in the instruction.

If you fail to do this, it reveals that you have not read their profile as well as communication preferences thoroughly. It even shows how you ignored their preference. Remember, just like several other people escorts don’t desire to get unwanted texts or calls, especially during their working hours. You can gain her trust, if you follow her booking instructions or communication preferences.

Avoid pushing her boundaries

In escort sector, each professional has a different boundary requirement. You pay only for their time, which does not offer you a right to act as you like. Offering intimacy and sex is in itself a fervently exhausting career. Overstepping boundaries can invite plenty of undesired anxiety and stress for the service provider.

Courteously respect her preferences and clearly communicate your intentions in advance. If you detect that they are feeling uncomfortable with your proposal then stop instantly.

About cancellations

If you set a date with an escort and cancel it intentionally then you are a liar. It highlights a personality, which has little respect. Of course, there are real last-minute cancellations but it is judicious that you tell her and pay her full price. Unexpected circumstances can demand cancellations but don’t be insincere, be a true gentleman! Pay and even tip her!

Blacklist is a sensitive topic but needs to positively promote comfort, security and safety for working escorts!

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