Import export business is a lucrative way of earning income. Yet, It one must understand the various niches available before venturing into it. Take earn the various capacities by means of which you can be a part of the trade.

Self Funding
This means having your own initial capital outlay. Using your own money will give you a sense of ownership and pride. It also allows you to make choices about where you want to sell the goods. Many people choose self-funding. It gives them the freedom to manage your own time and money

An Import-Export Agent
An import export business agent is a middleman between a buyer and a seller. As one, you sell your expertise and services for a fee. You benefit by selling information about what you know. You may also benefit by earning a negotiable commission for your services. Traders pay you for sourcing for products. You carry out the entire procedure of exporting and importing a product. You also source for products for importers. This means visiting the source country of the product. You then buy the product and ship it to the importers. This position requires a profound knowledge of the regions involved in the trade. You need to be familiar with the type of goods that you can find in a source country. For instance, you may be a regular visitor to Thailand. You may even be a resident in the country for some time. This means you know what product retailers in the United States would want. Approach US-based retailer sand to sell them the information you have. Better still, order products for them, using their money. You don’t need any start-up capital to be an import-export agent. You use other people’s money to make money.

An Import-Export sourcing Agent
This is a person who looks for producers of products on behalf of importers. You need to look for more than one source of a product. A retailer in the Us may need a specific product from Indonesia. The retailer will hire you to find several prospective producers in Indonesia. The retailer will also provide the product designs for presentation to the manufactures. Manufacturers will provide samples for presentation to retailers. The samples should have quotations for quantity, discounts and delivery time. Take the samples to the retailers in the US. The retailers will pay for your services.

An Export Shipment Broker
This position involves linking trading companies in Miami sources and markets of products. It means finding buyers for products on behalf of exporters. You don’t need any initial capital outlay. You will use other people’s money to earn. You only need to have a wide base of knowledge about prospective buyers of products. For example, an exporter in Indonesia may wish to export a container load of assorted items. Your work is to provide information about prospective buyers to the exporter.
There are various ways that you can take part in the import-export trade and earn a profit. Chose the method which best suits your qualification.

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