If you want a chicken recipe that is both healthy and full of flavor, the rotisserie chicken is one of the best dishes that are recommended for you. Preparation for this dish may seem difficult but it is actually very easy, for even a beginner can do it. Here are some guidelines on how you can prepare rotisserie chicken.


There are a lot of things that you need to do when cleaning the chicken that be cooked using the rotisserie cooking unit. First of all, you have to wash the chicken thoroughly and thaw it completely for health and safety purposes. Once it is already thawed, remove the package that is inside the cavity if you have not yet removed it. At the tail end, check for the kidneys, the dark reddish colored parts at the back side of the chicken cavity. Remove the kidneys using your thumbs or fingers but make sure that these will not burst. Trim excess fat that are usually located at the neck and tail areas and then rinse the chicken thoroughly. When you are done, pat it dry using a paper towel and you are now ready for the next step which is the flavoring.


The seasonings that you are going to add to the rotisserie chicken will depend on the recipe that you are cooking. There are a lot of seasonings that you can actually use for the marinade, rub and baste. It is up to you to choose which ones you would like to have and don’t be afraid to make some experiments should you choose to. What you should do however is to rub the mixture of the seasonings on the chicken and then coat it with olive oil to seal in the flavorings. This will also help in keeping the chicken moist during cooking so that the flavor will stay. Also, do not forget to put some seasoning inside the cavity of the chicken rotisserie such that the flavor will not just be on the outside.


Once you have finished with the washing, cleaning and flavoring, you are now ready to cook your rotisserie chicken. You will need to preheat the rotisserie grill for around 20 minutes before the cooking. The rotisserie chicken will take about one hour and 30 minutes to cook but this will depend on the size of the chicken and the power of the rotisserie oven. Remove the rotisserie chicken when it is already dark golden brown, making sure that it is not overly done since it will be dry in that case. When it is done, pull the rotisserie chicken off the spit, wait for it to cool for about 10 minutes and you are now ready to carve and serve it.

It is not that difficult to cook rotisserie chicken especially if you are already an expert in the kitchen. This is actually one of the best chicken dishes since it is not just delicious but it is also healthy. The roasting process will help in reducing the fat content of the chicken so if you are watching what you eat, you will have no problem with rotisserie chicken. Just keep these guidelines in mind and you will surely be making the best rotisserie chicken.

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