Digital marketing is one of the most potent avenues of promotion today. Harnessing the power of digital technology and the Internet, it has extensive market penetration power and enables businesses to reach diverse customer bases.

Digital marketing is a crucial part of any marketing course today. Whether you are a student seeking digital marketing assignment help in Melbourne or Malta, learning & imbibing all the underlying concepts can further enhance your performance.

To that end, here is a compilation of some key concepts and ideas of the subject to help everyone score better.

The Customer Value Journey: A Digital Marketing Template

Any expert digital marketing assignment maker will tell that digital marketing has a higher conversion rate than most traditional marketing methods.

The digital promotion template is the reason behind the phenomenal success.
Here is a systematic explanation of the template in brief details.

Step 1: Awareness
This is the most apparent stage of them all. For a customer to engage with a business, they need to be aware of their existence.
Ads are a perfect vehicle for making ones’ presence known and driving awareness. Other tactics of spreading the word about one’s existence are:
• Search marketing
• Content marketing
• Social media marketing
• Community management
• Copywriting

Step 2: Engagement
Once a prospective buyer is aware of a business, then a budding relationship is in the making. They are not yet in the stage of trusting or liking a business.
It is now the business’ prerogative to start developing the connection and enhancing the interest they have shown. The engagement stage is where one should begin the conversion process. Engage them through engaging content that offers both intrigues & excites them.

Step 3: Subscribe
Once a buyer shows interest and engages further, businesses should aim to get their personal contact information to keep them in touch with the company. Subscribing is when customers give you their data and, thus, permit a business to contact them in the future.
Consider the following.
Whether you seek assignment help in Melbourne or Massachusetts, you will find that every assignment service will promote their premium services, offer some freebies, and ask you to subscribe to their newsletter. This allows them to maintain a line of communication with you and carry out further marketing.

Step 4: Convert
If the business subscribers remain engaged, then a percentage of them may increase their level of engagement. They are more likely to trust that business, like the content being shared, and invest further.
It is crucial to keep in mind that the relationship is fragile, so one must take the baby steps. This is not the stage to think of profitability; one must focus on converting prospects into buyers and ramp up their commitment levels.
• Conversion is all about CUSTOMER ACQUISITION.
• Reduce cognitive load and encourage motor actions by using simple UI.
• Use conditional logic to offer better options.
• Intelligent lead segmentations lead to better lead conversion.
• Offer free tools, trials, and consultations to make prospects happy.
• Easy sign-ups are the best.

Step 5: Excite
Once the customer makes a purchase, it is time to earn their trust and goodwill further. It is time to show them the VALUE of their transaction, reinforce the relationship, and make them excited for more. Unless a business makes its customers understand their value, they will not move on to the next stage and purchase more expensive things.
It is all about making a customer’s experience, a thing they will remember.

Step 6: Ascend
At this stage, businesses have already gained lead and customers and make sure that they are earning value through their purchases. Now comes the time to think about profitability.
First sales are not about profits but about converting leads and developing a successful (& profitable) relationship. The ascension stage is where you urge and make your customers often buy and buy better.
Bundle offers, package systems, and ancillary purchases are things that a buyer will not hesitate to make once she/he has made a primary transaction.

Well, that’s all the space we have for today! Here’s hoping this article was informative enough and acted as an excellent digital marketing assignment help guide for everyone!

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