High tea parties are incorrectly believed as the afternoon tea parties, but in fact high tea means the supper in the evening which normally used to be had at about six pm when laborers arrived home from workplaces, like mines. This comprised of meat , potatoes and other delicacies accompanying tea. Nevertheless high tea did not remain the laborers’ supper strictly and was taken up by the social groups and high tea parties came into trend.

Afternoon tea or low tea is taken on low-height tables kept on a side of or before chairs and sofas, usually in the drawing room. Chiefly it is of three types.

The first type made up of tea, jam, cream and scones is known as Cream Tea.

The second category formed of tea, sweets and scones is known as Light Tea.

The third comprising of tea, sweets, savories, dessert and scones is termed as Full Tea.

Timing of this type of tea is normally 4 to 5 in the evening. Presently in hotels this custom has changed with regard to timing as well as the delicacies enjoyed. This sort of tea is served at 3 to 5 pm and the delicacies made up of normally 3 rounds, first of savories, 2nd of scones and 3rd of pastries. Savory snacks include starters in form of small-sized sandwiches along with appetizers. Scones are supplied along with jam and cream, mostly clotted also known as Devonshire cream. And pastries contain shortbread, cookies, sweets and cakes.

If you aspire to arrange high tea party at home or in hotel, simply to meet your friends and have fun with them, you are at liberty to choose any of the foods and time. Nevertheless when the party is more formal, you will have to be a little more careful regarding time, place, environment and dishes. It is better to organize the party in a place of the residence which is a little isolated from rest of the house, whereby you can get time to chitchat intimately with your visitors. Creation of environment is vital as your invitees have to feel easy and lovely. Flowers are perfect for producing a pleasing environment. Show your nicest napkins, tablecloths, doilies and cutlery to beautify the tables. Choose music cautiously, specifically soft and in low tone. In short, the music has to be of a type which will bring out the dialogue. Other most essential constituents of a stress-free ambiance are restful seats, which must be as many as your number of visitors, together with you as well as your co-host.

The most important constituent of your high tea party is tea itself. Choose as many varieties as you can and allow your guests to choose. Next, for an actual tea party, you must have a tea infuser for each of your guests. Infuser is a miniature ball made of steel or silver and possesses a lot of tiny holes. It looks like spoons with encasement. You can pack tea into the case and place the infuser on the cup of every visitor for steeping.

The food items to be given out with tea need to be light and small-sized, usually to be able to hold in between fingers. Often cold dishes are supplied, barring some single small hot dish. The recipes for high tea party are innumerable, for example ham and/or chicken, fresh fruits, salads, and all sorts of sweet delicacies, for example cakes, cream puffs, custards, etc.

When your visitors come, they should feel peaceful and later you can start several activities such as reading aloud poetry, losing in the past moments, playing games or merely talking and spend good time in the group of long-lost friends.

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High tea parties are great way of socializing, enjoy high tea delights and have a great party!