It is stressful when you consider buying a product that you do not have a fair idea about. Are you trying to quit your habit of smoking and considering switching to vaping for the experience and pleasure of smoking but confused about the various products offered? Continue reading to find the best vape devices that are available, it could help you choose the best-suited one for you.

Traditional e-cigarette, also known as electronic cigarettes are power-driven devices that are designed like cigarettes. It has a low power battery that uses nicotine in a lower dosage. It contains the e-juice of different flavoursin the cartridge fixed to a battery. These cig-a-like vapes are easy to use, needs lower e-liquid, transportable and fuss-free.

Vape pen
These are vape devices are cylinder-like and a pen fashioned. Vape pens come as a single piece with a strong charged battery that is capable of delivering huge clouds. They are small, easy to use with lesser features and maintenance-free. It is the best choice for starters to step out of smoking cigarette and start vaping.

Single-use disposable vape pens are obtainable in the market now that is prefilled with e-liquid, with a fully charged battery that comes as a single pack to buy, use and dispose of safely. Check for the Beco Bar vape devices that are disposable vape product perfect for newbie vapers.

Disposable vape pens use the higher strength salt nicotine to satisfy the user for the money spent and enjoy the vaping experience. Puff bars in the UK are perfectly and technically designed to mimic the pleasurable smoking practice, yet is a better choice with less hassle of lighting the cigarette.

Vape mod
Vape mods are the most popular version of vaping due to the style of vaping it requires. A vape mod is a modified e-cigarette. Different types of vape mods are sleek, portable and easy to use. These are available that differ in size, shape, functionality and working.

Box mod
The e-cigarette is a box shape, is called the box mod. It comes with a larger inbuilt battery or a removable battery for prolonged use of the device, obviously for the larger powerful battery.

Mech or mechanical mod
It is the advanced vaping mod with large, that do not have any internal electrical parts or battery and use a mechanical property for its functioning. The strength of the inhale is used to power up the device. It utilised the full power of the removable battery. It is customized according to the user needs and used with freebase nicotine e-liquids stored in the tank in the mod. Note that it does not come with safety features and should be used at the vaper’s risk.

Squonk mods
These types of mods have not gained popularity. These mods are difficult to maintain and comes as a combination of various parts of different mods. Squonk mods are similar to box mods, but the e-liquid is stored in a small bag-like structure. Squeeze the bag for the e-liquid to reach the coil of the atomizer.

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