Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian manufacturer of musical instruments, piano created in 1700. Since then, it has become one of the following tools in bringing the most popular music.

Today, manufacturers of different pianos from around the world offer special piano features and characteristics.

If you think about a brand piano, some of the biggest names as Yamaha, Fazioli, Bosendorfer, and more. Learn more about these brands and why most musicians consider them as piano best digital.

Five Piano Brands Best of 2017 Review


Koichi Kawai Kawai brand by a piano manufacturer in Japan, has some insight on the most sophisticated piano market today. They have sound and digitals proven to last for a very long time.

If I can evaluate Kawai, I would say it is rated Asia. Means that each piano is done meticulously perfect. This company has been around since the late 1920s, making it one of the most sought after brand and reliable piano of all time.

● They use some of the finest materials such as mahogany and brass.
● The Kawai grand piano is perfect for large-capacity concert hall.
● Provides the ability to extend over time.
● end sophisticated.
● Expensive.
● The need to adjust and adjust settings while using the hammer first.


Founded in 1862 in Cincinnati, USA, it is one of the largest manufacturers of quality keyboards and grand piano performing.

Dwight Hamilton, a music teacher, created this piano. Therefore, it can be one of the best on the market to study music. Baldwin is popular for special finesse, so its products are expensive.

Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, and even the classical pianist Igor Stravinsky Baldwin has played before.

● Preferred by some of America's best artists. Amy Lee, singer, and pianist of Evanescence often used Baldwin in her performances, both live and recorded. She possesses one of her home, where she used to compose her songs.
● Completely US made.
● The prestigious brands on the market with stunning quality and its performance.
● expensive


Named after its manufacturer, brand piano began to make a name in the mid-1970s is particularly attractive because its wood quality used.

Brand confirmed to create a piano that can last for generations, have a duty to pass on traditional music as a musician to the next generation.

● Charles R. Walter grand piano and upright is perfect for large concert hall and theater performances.
● It produces excellent sound quality with its hammer properly sorted.
● Size spacious soundboard allows shaping appropriate tone and voice.
● The quality of the wood creates a resonance astonishing is not that overwhelming no matter what the size of the room or space it is played.
● To achieve the balance of music, there is a need of an aid technicians in adjusting the tonal balance by working on the set hammer.
● Expensive.

2 Steinway and Sons

Regarding the overall quality and popularity, this may be the first choice for me. brand's award-winning piano has been around for years - dating back to 1853 and was produced in New York City.

This may not be my first choice, but that is simply because the piano is quite expensive. I have no problem with the quality of this brand based on my experience, but I'm not completely sure with the latest models.

This is my first piano ever so I feel like I'm betraying myself for not choosing it as my number one choice. You'll understand when we get the top spot.

● Steinway and Sons large and digitals are some of the most popular on the market because of the technical specifications and their aesthetic.
● They are known for smooth, Ebony finish and excellent sound quality.
● It provides flexible tone, so this is the perfect piano for playing blues, jazz, or some optimistic tone.
● It creates shades lighter and brighter and is excellent both live and in the studio.
● Very expensive.


Yamaha piano, digitals, and mobile keyboards are commonly known for its user friendly features of them. I recommend this brand for beginners but this is also a trusted brand of tools for the pros.

Some critics criticized its longevity, comparing it to other Westerners made but really, it all comes down to use. If used properly, any brand, even the most expensive and best quality, will crash or get completely out of tune.

● The most recommended brands for beginners.
● widely used because it has all the features and characteristics of the grand piano and digital keyboard needed.
● One of the most advanced piano, flexible, and cost-effective.
● Affordable.
● Issue in a shorter lifespan than Western brands made.
● There may escape easily adjusted without adjusting the appropriate hammer.

Always Remember

Here are ten best brands leading piano in my opinion, but always remember that deciding which one to buy depends on your skill level and budget.

I would recommend the powerful Yamaha because it is perfect for any skill level. Brands also have a lot of models to choose from than the other brands listed. You can even buy the mobile keys that you can take anywhere you go regardless.

If you find this list helpful, be sure to share it on social media accounts of you or comment down below. Which one do you think should be on the top spot?

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