Generally, the growth process is stopped when you reach 20-21 years of life for boys, and 18-19 years for girls. Human growth is strictly connected to the genetic material that a person has and for an adult, to grow taller significantly is something that has not been substantially proved by medical professionals. However, during adolescence, growth can be stimulated by a whole range of factors. Along with a proper diet and good sleeping habits, the growing process can be boosted by several grow taller exercises.
If you're going to start a set of grow taller exercises, an important thing to know is that this takes hard work and patience. You won't get a plus of 5 inches over night, and you need to exclude the option of going to the gym just for one month.

There are quite various types of workouts and grow taller exercises so, it's important that you know which ones will give you the best results. Concentrating on exercises that make bones grow longer is most effective, but muscles mustn't be neglected from training, so that the body will sustain properly the new body growth.

From the grow taller exercises, the hanging ones are a great way to improve your height especially when combined with aerobic exercises. By hanging from a horizontal bar, you extend the entire skeleton and unnoticeable and painless micro-fractures occur to the end of your bones. The body starts working immediately to repair these minor injuries of the bones, filling the gaps caused by the extension. This way, the bone structure is modified and increased, and the new bone mass added makes you grow taller. Hanging is a great way to stretch the cartilages between the vertebrae, each one of them getting healed to a new length.

Many people have gained new length repeating a series of grow taller exercises and here are 3 types of hanging exercises that you can do to gain yourself some length.

1) The Bar Hang is one of the simplest grow taller exercises that you can do on a horizontal bar increase your growth. Start by hanging vertically from the bar, keeping feet above the ground. Hold on to the bar for as long as you can. This is just a first phase of this type of stretching exercise. The next step is to add weights to your ankles and pushing the shoulder blades together, hanging perfectly straight. This exercise is good to be performed gradually, and after your strength will improve you can widen the distance between your hands while you're holding the bar.

2) Hanging Knee-Ups is an exercise that not only stretches your spinal column, it fortifies your arms, wrists and shoulders. Hold the bar with the palms facing you, stretching your arms and body at maximum length, then exhale and pull your knees to your chest. After a few seconds bring your knees down. This grow taller exercise reflects the most on your lower spine. Repeat this exercise in sessions of a few minutes.

3) The Hanging Twist. For this exercise you need to hold the horizontal bar, palms facing away from you, keeping the hands barely apart. Start twisting your body from side to side with a gentle and controlled movement. Also try not to move your head at all if possible.

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These are just a few Grow Taller Exercises that you can perform on a horizontal bar.

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