Marijuana has a number of health benefits. Some people consume it on a daily basis and some are not. So, it is quite possible to grow them at your home. If you follow proper expert's advice, you can easily grow that at your home setting the grow tent by yourself. According to newstricky here, are some tips to follow to set up a grow tent in your home.

Requirements for the Grow Room

Growing marijuana in your home is not so expensive. But, you need proper preparation to cultivate that in your home. It is important to know the basic grow room and the accessories are also important to meet the grow room demand. It is true that the grow room needs some money to invest initially. Growing marijuana is extremely effective. The fact is that you can easily cultivate in your rooms and can easily consume it without going out. So, it will be unaffected from the outer environment and the plants will grow better. Here all about the grow room and the requirements that are much needed to be properly effective to make the grow room. It is also important to know how to set up the grow room on a slim budget.

Grow Room should be Light Proof

Indoor grow rooms need to be light proof. In dark space, marijuana grows rightly. According to experts, the number of hours light is important, the same number of darkness is important too. During its initial stage, it needs 18 hours of light while 6 hours of darkness. While there are flowers, the dark and light hours should be 12 and 12. Make sure that the plant is not too much exposed to the light.

Grow Room must be Airtight

Make sure that your grow room is airtight. It is because, if the strong stench of marijuana will go out, it may create a problem. It could reach your neighbors and they may interfere with your growing status. If any case, there is any air that goes out, that should go through the carbon filter. In this way, the smell will be preserved.

Use Air Extractor

Using an air extractor will be a smart move to keep your grow room free from any inside air. Most of the grow lamps create a lot of heat and this heat needs to be removed otherwise, it may hamper the plants very badly. You can easily keep that air out using an air extractor with a filter. In this way, the room will remain cool and free from any kind of additional temperature.

Fresh Air is Also Another Important Component

Marijuana plants intake carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen along with sugar. Normally, there are 350 PPM carbon dioxide molecules available in every room. But, this amount can easily grow up when the plant is growing in closed environments. When the plants are not getting enough access to carbon dioxide, it can really slow down growth. In this way, it will be very much important to keep the incoming air flowing towards the room in order to allow the plants to access the carbon which is indeed very important for their growth and other things. You can get a range of complete tent kits for the growing room.

How Much Heat Your Grow Room Need?  

When you are running your lights, they will obviously generate more heat and the room is likely hotter compared to others. At night time, the heat is necessary to maintain the warmth of the indoor environment. In order to get this effect, you need to run an extractor through the night.

Properly Distribute the Air

It is true that you are taking the outside air and injecting that into the growing room. You also need to make sure that this air is distributed properly around the room and all the plants are getting them right. In this way, it will be easier for you to grow the plants. Make sure that, you always keep the fan running, and in this way, the air from the outside and from the lamp all get distributed across the growing room. It allows the growing room to maintain the temperature constantly. It also allows the carbon dioxide distribution properly.  

Keep the Floor Waterproof

It is true that the bed of the plants may leak after pouring water on them. It is quite essential to keep the floor free from water. In this way, the dampness will be maintained in the room and there will be no way the plants will get infected with pests. This is the main reason for which you need to keep your grow room free from any kind of water.


These are some of the best things that you need to keep in mind while going to make the grow room. If you’ll follow them rightly, it will be easier to grow Marijuana inside your room.

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