Several apps of referral programs have been present in the market which provides the benefit of profit sharing. The big revolution among the e-commerce industry is community commerce. Many communities promote different services & products. For this concept, the best network is GrouupPal. It is the fastest brand growing with the business network and helps in making a profit-sharing concept for different companies in India.

GroupPal is an exclusive framework for all people which provide a different platform like businesses, recruiters, vendors, job seekers, consultants, vendors, investors. The group as Pals helps in exchange contacts, turning business growth, and provide referrals to industries to make benefits of profit sharing.

Sharing of profit or network at one location

In the present scenario, the advertising & visibility web designing cost gets too high. Hence, there is no guarantee that you will end with an appropriate customer or not. For ensuring, one technology has been introduced, named as GroupPal. It is considered a successful attempt that can help in solving puzzles smoothly. This can be done by design an intense loyal Pals based network that will help the user remain connected with solutions. GropuPal offers you an appropriate ecosystem for each member where they get solutions as per their need like a job, service, product selling, investment, and an employee. This is an appropriate solution to full fill all the user's needs.

GroupPal is a mobile app that can be downloaded freely & can be used at any place. It takes 2 minutes for sign up and registration through which a user becomes a part of the community, service provider, genuine professional, recruiter, investor, and a vendor that will avail for the 6 C Champions services. This will help you in deliver the best quality services at a better price.

A client puts demands for GroupPal Development

The main challenge with GroupPal app development is the development of a referral program with using 6 level hierarchies. The client wants that this feature has to be present within the mobile app to maintain community commerce as well as profit-sharing in a trustworthy manner as per the possibility. The referrals have to be a 6-level hierarchy. A single provision has to be added for users who currently not have any type of referral code; in that case, they will contact the team of GroupPal & then verified themselves as professional. It means that a profit-sharing benefit as provided to the referral user who introduces a new user with the GroupPal mobile application.

Along with it, in a case when a user searches for a company that hire android developer, he/she will look at the company in his/her locality, city, state, or in overall country. For example, an electrician sets up his profile and enters the location zone, city or country name and relevant links get open at the site.

Wireframe & model development

As being an owner of a business, a person wants to enhance the business growth that can be attained by developing several applications for the users. Every developer has a different mindset and approach, the one best approach for this is to develop GroupPal with using Agile Model. The demands and requirements of app development have been fulfilled by the designing team.
After the creation of all designing layouts, the next phase is to implementation of the task. Modularity working principle has been used by the back end developers, the overall system and components of the application have been divided into multiple modules that will help in carrying out a task for different elements without affecting the other system working. Overall module differentiation permits the developers to work over the different tasks at a similar time through which the working burden has been reducing down as well as time saves for performing operations over different tasks. Hence, productivity or performance along with operations quality has been improved out.

Tech stack used

For designing a GroupPal, some applications can be used are discussed below:

1. Push notifications
2. Java programming language
3. A query used for data caching
4. AQuery used for calling web services
5. Designing of UI via XML
6. Gradle which is a building system
7. Android studio i.e., IDE

Backend applications

1. Subline i.e., IDE
2. MySQL database
3. PHP programming language


1. Discover expert for service

By registering over this website or menu, professionals can search their respective jobs like trainers, experts, doctors, engineers, plumbers, acting, agents for insurance, and rivers. They all connected via keywords with customers.

2. Get jobs

The app provides the facility of a high entrepreneur’s base and provides different services in all states over India. A person has to register for getting any type of job & then the user will connect with different industries.

3. Employees hiring

For a job, there is a requirement of a perfect person that suits the Business HR department. Companies or different candidates register themselves over the site to join with a particular industry.

4. Product selling

To sell out the product directly or indirectly, customers get easily connect with different company services or products.

5. Franchise sell

Users can register themselves to connect with the franchise opportunities that gain from a different entrepreneur. Users will get an opportunity to connect with different people by the quality of the upgraded manner.

6. Invest

People having an innovative idea and want to invest in new business, then the user can register themselves over here.

Wrapping up

GroupPal is the best network sharing app in which individuals get effective solutions from experts within a group. There is an option of guarantee passive income for further life. GroupPal is designed to deliver the best services as well as productive businesses to attain the best network experience and to lead with constant business prospective income via using Android-based mobile application. An Mtaog technology is a mobile app development company having a major footprint over web and offers you best services. We provide custom made solutions. If you are looking for developed Android applications then Mtoag is right choice for you.

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Amna Kahn