Group discussion (GD) is a selection tool followed by some organizations. It is a form of an interview carried out as the part of interview process with a group of people in certain time limits among the group of people to test their communication skills and team participation. Group discussion is the best platform to shortlist potential candidates based on their communication skills and other parameters.
While a group of candidates are assigned a topic for discussion for 15–20 minutes. The group panel will share a topic and allocate few minutes for discussion. A crew of subject experts will evaluate the performance of the team members and prepare a report with final analysis.
Here are some focused areas to be tested in Group discussion round:
• Communication skills: Subject experts will evaluate the listening and articulation skills of the participant. Listening is equally important as speaking, so listen carefully while other team members are speaking and note down the important points to be discussed.
• Soft skills: Make a list of important points related to the given topics to discuss in group discussion. Practice well before the GD to perform effectively with relevant discussions.
• Leadership skills: However a group discussion is meant to test leadership skills including analytical skills, communication skills, team skills, ability to handle stress, decision-making skills etc. GD panel will look for the candidates with the combination of above skills.
Follow below suggestions to prepare well for Group discussion:
• Have patience and adapt good listening skills.
• Listen carefully as everyone will be delivering some valuable opinions.
• Enhance analytical skills to think carefully and present them in GD
• Read more topics and increase your knowledge on current affairs
• Learn to respect others and their words in GD
• Learn to be open minded and polite to speak effectively in group discussions
• Make a habit of presenting your thoughts in a structured way.
• It is always better to use transparent English language rather than speaking in a sophisticated accent and using ‘big’ words.

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