Ground staff jobs are a part of the aviation industry. As the name suggests, ground staff is engaged in various activities at the airport. They ensure the safety and the comfort of the passengers, check baggage, assist passengers with their queries, etc. Therefore, ground staff needs to be diligent and quick on their feet to take care of everything. Since there are millions of passengers on an everyday basis at the airport, ground staff jobs are very demanding in nature. Ground staff has to put in a lot of effort and take care of everything all at once.

Role & Responsibilities

Since a major part of their job involves interacting with passengers and helping them out, the ground staff needs to possess extraordinary communication as well as interpersonal skills. They also need to obtain great customer service and keep the passengers happy. Doing so will help in meeting goals as well as maintain the vision of the airline. They also need excellent multi-tasking skills and ensure each passenger is well informed.

Here is a list that points out the everyday responsibilities of ground staff:

● Greeting and welcoming passengers
● Answering passenger queries
● Baggage check-in
● Make reservations
● Sell airline tickets
● Stock aircraft refreshments
● Clean aircraft before and after a flight
● Assisting old and disabled passengers
● General security and maintenance of airport
● Inspecting, storing and transporting cargo
● Assisting with baggage loading and unloading

Ground Staff Jobs Requirement

The minimum qualifications required to work for ground staff jobs are 10+2 followed by a diploma or a bachelor's in Administration, Travel or other related fields. The candidate must be within the age group of 18-27 years. Former experience in customer service will be an added advantage. Apart from this, ground staff should also have an impressive skillset:

● Handle stressful situations with calm
● Basic computer skills
● Great interpersonal skills
● Fluency in more than one language is an added advantage
● Possess good health and stamina to work for long shifts
● Flexible attitude
● Organization skills

Ground Staff Salary

The salary of the ground staff mainly depends upon two factors, the size of the airport (small/metropolitan) and the airline (domestic/international). However, on an average basis, entry-level ground staff professionals can earn somewhere between 30-40k per month. Whereas, an experienced candidate can earn more than 50k per month.
These salaries vary largely based on the aforementioned factors. For example, ground staff members of an international flight can earn almost double of what domestic airlines pay their staff. Similarly, employees of an airport in a metropolitan city will earn more than what they earn in smaller cities.

Career Scope

With the accelerated rise in both domestic and international air traffic, the demand for qualified airport ground staff is higher than ever. The ministry of civil aviation is coming up with new policies every now and then resulting in the up-gradation of old airports as well as the construction of new airports in new cities. Moreover, this demand is only going to rise with time. And it is present in both the public as well as private sectors. Professionals with fluency in multiple languages have a great chance of being hired by international airlines.

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