When you are planning to buy a greenhouse, you must also plan for its accessories.

    Keep in mind that a greenhouse is just a structure in which to conduct year-round gardening, if desired, but it's just that - a structure.
  • You will need various types of equipment, tools and supplies for its actual operation and, thus, to achieve its optimal use.
    The details of the shopping list for greenhouse accessories depend on your needs, wants and goals where the greenhouse itself is concerned.
  • For example, if you have a cold frame, then a heating system is unnecessary.
  • Or if you intend to use solar power and other natural means to heat up the greenhouse, then an electric or gas heater can be crossed off the list.

You should first determine exactly what kinds of accessories required for full operation in the greenhouse before setting out to purchase these items.

You can save yourself plenty of time, trouble and money when you do so.

Watering System

    The greenhouse keeps out the rain, snow and other aspects of the external environment from wreaking havoc on the plants.
  • Thus, you have the responsibility to ensure that both humidity and water are introduced into the artificial system.
  • You can choose from the manual style with good old water can and hose or the mechanical system complete with trickle irrigation and automatic sprinklers depending on the size of the greenhouse, the budget for the system and the types of plants cultivated.

Heating Equipment

    Most plants thrive in a warm environment with none of the extremes of temperature experienced in the Kalahari Desert and the North Pole.
  • Even the plants grown in a cold frame require a certain level of warmth to thrive.
  • For heating requirements, natural and artificial methods can also be used - solar power captured inside the greenhouse for natural ways and electric, gas or propane heaters for the artificial devices.
  • Be sure to choose the heater devices according to the required temperature of the greenhouse in relation to their heating capacities.

Cooling System

    On the flip side, you should also think about cooling systems to avoid overheating in the greenhouse.
  • Just as excessive cold is bad for plant growth, so is excessive heat.
  • You can choose from cooling systems like exhaust and circulation fans, mechanical vents and evaporative coolers, to name a few.
  • Or you can also open the vents and doors of the greenhouse to let out the hot air and let the cool air in.

Lighting Accessories

    Of course, plants need sunlight to grow, thanks to the process of photosynthesis.
  • But sunlight is not within our control at all times so we need to purchase lighting accessories to make up for the sun's absence.
  • These accessories include sodium, metal halide, fluorescent and LED lights.
  • We recommend choosing the lights based on their lux and lumens capacities instead of, say, appearances.

Last but not least, you make a list of the gardening supplies.

    Containers, pruners, scissors, stakes and potting soil as well as benches, tables and shelves are just a few of the gardening supplies that will make your experiences in the greenhouse memorable in the most positive way.
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Whitney Michael Segura is an expert in growing in greenhouses to maximum efficiency and lowest cost, using greenhouse accessories this can be done properly and quickly, by anyone and everyone.