A homemaker’s day isn’t quite relaxing to be honest. Completing a set of household chores and cleaning tasks on a daily basis drains out a lot of energy. But there’s a way to tackle the tedium involved. Fellow homemakers, Grapplers Inc is here to save your day, offering a wide range of extended reach tools and trash pickup tools to perfectly suit all your needs!

Introducing the Grappler!
I stumbled upon the Grappler about six months ago, when my husband and I were window-shopping online. It is, by far, the first American-made extended reach pickup tool we have came across.

At first, the Grappler extended reach pickup tool appeared to be fairly expensive than other products in the market, and we were actually considering buying one of the cheaper products. We were initially considering the 36-inch Nifty Nabber, or the Ettore Grip n Grab, or the Gopher Grabber, but after a quick peek at some of the product reviews, we realized that they weren’t designed for heavy-duty use.

So, following a visit to Grapplers Inc’s own website, we decided unanimously to purchase a 48-inch Industrial Grappler featuring no plastic parts; which (if I remember correctly) cost me somewhere around $45. Yes, I know, it does cost you a chunk of money, but the extra spend is totally worth it! Within a week upon delivery, I started using it extensively to grab canned foods and cereal cartons off the top shelf. I would say that I’m a fairly short woman and the size is perfect to suit my grappling requirements.

A few days later, I tried using it for completing cleaning chores and to get rid of all the dead leaves and litter from my lawn. It’s also perfect for using along with a riding mower, which my husband loves to take a ride on twice every month. Gone are the days of brooms; here’s a smart solution for a smart age – The Grappler extended reach tool –

• A strong aluminum body for heavy duty use and extended durability
• Offering rust-free and weatherproof handling
• Based on trigger mechanism that can deliver a squeezing pressure of upto 17 pounds
• Strong picker cups with sharp features to offer maximum dexterity while picking up thin/tiny objects like twigs, cigarette butts etc
• Available in sizes – 24”, 33”, 40”, 48”, 72”, 96”
• Available in both Standard and Industrial Grade versions
• A Lifetime Warranty on all Grapplers

Smart Trash Pickup Solutions by Grapplers Inc

Grappler Inc is also known to offer portable cleaning equipment, like the (bucket) handler and the Handy Bag Ringer, which is but a trash bag holder. I also own each of these and they work simply great along with the Grappler extended reach pickup tool. The Handler can be attached to a 5-gallon bucket to get an instant portable solution and the Bag Ringer can be used to hold open a 30-gallon trash bag and carry along to collect the trash you pickup using the Grappler. I’d say I’m counting on the Bag Ringer to help me clear up large quantities of dead leaves that fall off during Autumn.

Do pay a quick visit to their website for more information on their products.

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Contact Person: Bonnie Thiessans
Company Name: Grapplersinc. Tools for your world
Contact number: (775) 284-8990
Toll Free No: (877) 212-5803
Company Address: 599 East Nugget Avenue
Sparks, NV 89431-5848
Website: http://www.grapplersinc.com/

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Grapplers Inc. is a truly American success story as it was started from humble beginnings by Jay and Bonnie Thiessans. They have since built a thriving and very successful tool and machine business in Sparks Nevada and won many awards. They have also been recognized nationwide for their achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial grade litter pick up tools since 1992.