It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the new bride to our family tree. From the time my darling grandson has entered into this world, I have always been loving him more than anything or anyone else in this world. In fact, when I first saw his deep blue eyes, I had a warm feeling in my heart. His little fingers touched my cheek and that very moment he connected my soul to his. Although I've spent less time with him, I made sure I get to see him at least once a week. I always felt more like his mother than his grandmother. First of all I’d like to thank your mother to have tied me in a new relationship and extending my family with a blessing like you. I remember it all like it was yesterday when I gave mother of the groom speech for your father and now here I am standing with my chin up high to give a grandmother of the groom wedding speech. It is indeed true that the time passes by faster than the speed of light, at times. Your father knocked on the door and got your mother to introduce her to me and your grandfather.

Twenty five years later you came with your pretty girlfriend to introduce her to me. Both the scenes seem so alike, yet the only thing that has changed is the presence of your grandfather. We all miss him and especially today, I miss him the most. If he was alive he would have danced with the new bride and joked about how you used to wet your bed when you had nightmares. But don’t worry honey I am not going to disclose all that in front of your wife. All I wish to say is that I’ve seen you right from the time when you were just a toddler to the time when you got your pretty girl to meet me and I have always believed in every little thing that you did. You’ve been a great son, friend, brother and most importantly, an extremely loving and caring grandson. I remember the time when I was ill and your father had gone for a business meeting and when I opened the door; there you stood with a big bouquet of roses for your old granny. Just the way you have performed every duty beautifully,
I am sure that you would perform the role of a husband as perfectly, too. Moreover, you have got a beautiful and loving wife who is holding your hand so tightly right now so that you don't break down. Oh c’mon now we all know how emotional you are. Let me cut this short now, all I wish to say that I am always there for you whenever you need me. In fact, you can drop in to eat your favorite honey pancakes made by your granny anytime. And when you have children, I’d climb the golden stair and would tell them all about your old girlfriends! God bless you both!

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