Church requires fund to maintain its property where hundreds of devotees meet and pray for the betterment of the near and dears. This religious organization requires money to buy choir robes, new pews and also to undertake various social programs like distributing food and clothing to the poor and providing them free medical aid. You will be amazed to know that the US government and many liberal people give grant for church. These grants can be given in the form of money and services. Anyone who wants to do something for the society should help the church in running social programs.

The US government as well as private sector provides millions of dollars every year as grant for church. For government grants, the religious organizations can visit the portal and draw valuable information on various grants provided by the government. Private sector also aids the church in its social programs as is evident from the various private sector organizations like The Cora Foundation and The Abell-Hanger Foundation that has given more than 160 million dollars in church grants since its inception. There are many private sector foundations that aid church in running the programs for betterment of the society.

A majority of people maintain that church is a place where people meet on Sundays and pray for each-others good health. It is true that the primary duty of the church to host Sunday prayer and propagate religious thoughts but church does more than just hosting prayers and celebrating Christmas. This religious organization takes up many tasks to further social causes. It spreads the message of love and humanity among the masses and brings them closer to the God. The US government and private sector aids church in its efforts by providing grant for church. Anyone can give grant to church and in this way help the church perform its social tasks.

The US government is the major source for grant for church and one can find various grants on the government’s portal Also there are many private sector organizations that give millions of dollars every year in grants. If you are thinking that these grants come in the form of money then you are partially right. People help the church in maintaining its properties and run the social programs. There are organizations that put in their best efforts to make the social programs run by the church a huge success.

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