I still mused and quite reminisced the past year that was in 2010.

I wonder what's gonna hold for the Year of the Rabbit--2011. Apparently, with all the glorious and festive mood in celebrating New Year's Eve Countdown at Times Square, I still continued my mini-celebration alone by cleaning my room. Yes, you heard it right, ladies and gentlemen; I celebrated by cleaning my beloved cute room.

Yes, time to wash away and sweep the clouds of regrets, pain, hurt, anger, heartache, resentments and bitterness of the year that was. As I look back in the year that was, 2010 was indeed such a maturing, tumultuous and definitely a learning experience for me.

2010 was a time filled with new experiences, lessons to be learned, and a whole lot of new emotions and experiences to get used to: from grief (the passing of someone very dear to me), to new love and breakup (yes, all in one year, folks), new friendships, new skills, family sickness--whew! Boy, I'm glad I survived through it all and enjoyed some of its fun moments. The joy, the pain, the hurt, the sadness and especially the happiness...aaahhh so long, 2010, welcome aboard 2011!

This year, I see life with childlike curiosity and wonder. I open my senses on the first day of the the 2010, I opened my windows and greeted the world "Hello" with enthusiasm.

Quite a new approach and to start the day--and right, I should say. How the wind blew welcomingly on my face is a resonating positive response to my cheery greeting.

This day, with leaving (albeit thanking) the past behind, I salute the new day beckoning, arising, arriving. The possibilities are endless and bountiful, and I can't wait--can you? 2011 will be on full swing, ready or not! A toast to a great year ahead of us!

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