Cast iron is an alloy of iron containing 2 to 4.5% of carbon that is brittle. It is known for high weathering resistance. It is durable metal with an exceptional capability to hold and transfer heat. This characteristic resulted to the invention of the cast iron skillet in almost every kitchen's houses. Of course, when we choose a cooking equipment one of the requirements is its ability to hold heat and transfer it well. Moreover, there are other attributes of a cast iron skillet that can convince us to like it more and more. These are as follows.

Cast iron skillet has the ability to resist corrosion. Despite of the nature of the cast iron to be low corrosion resistance it still manage to be rust free once seasoned. It undergo in the process of coating it with the polymerize fat and oil on the surface. It turns out the skillet to become non-sticky and rust free, of course. The more you use this, the more it gets seasoned and the better it becomes.

It can help heal health problems. The fact that this skillet's nature is cast iron. Part of these minerals is absorbed by the food you are cooking. Therefore, anyone who has anemia or has iron deficiency can benefit from this reaction. If you think you have these health problems then the easiest way to solve this is use the cast iron skillet. Just make sure you do not have the opposite because you might be in danger if you do not have those and take these foods regularly.

It is the easiest cooking equipment to clean on. Some say it is hard to clean it but they do not know that it only needs a wipe. It is advice by expert that scrubbing must not be the way of cleaning it in order to protect your skillet's beauty. You can also just wash it with hot water. That is how easy it is to clean your skillet. If you correctly follow this advice there is no excuse of preserving it for your future grandchildren.

It is the most durable cooking equipment. It is as strong as a rock. It can last for how many years. Its body and handles are built well together where no screws or rivets will be pulled out. Everything will be contact even years will pass and no matter how many times you will use it. There will be no moments of torn parts during cooking.

It is heavy. You can expect that it can hold no matter how heavy the food that you are going to fry or stew. It will be well heated with this best cast iron skillet. So, its weight helps a lot in making sure it will not flip upside down and throw up your food. It gives balance.

Therefore, a skillet made out of a cast iron has good attributes that can make cooking session in the kitchen a memorable one. It can make your food healthier and delicious. With this information you will not have a hard time on thinking which skillet to choose.

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