Playing outdoor sports is a fun and easy way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Fitness experts have proven that playing a game of golf three to four times a week is a healthy and safe way to get exercise.

Keeping up a regular exercise routine can be very difficult, especially if you do not have a gym membership. So, if you are not into keeping a daily exercise routine than this is where playing Golf could be easier for you and a lot more entertaining. Golf is a game that can be performed by people of all ages. Golf is also an excellent way for seniors to stay fit with less risk of injury than most other sports.

That means older retirees can get outdoors and enjoy a peaceful round of Golf, all while keeping themselves in good physical health. According to Golf Digest, the average golfer will burn 809 calories ringing in a golf cart through a round of golf or 1,442 calories by walking the entire course.

The statistics mentioned above do not include taking swings and putting which will burn more calories and give exercise to the upper body. These metrics also do not include the time a player spends walking around the Pro Shop after their game to purchase new equipment like the Project X HZRDUS Yellow driver. All of these activities are great for your cardiovascular health. Just carrying your golf bag gives you exercise and most people do not even realize it.

Golf Club Environment

The best kinds of exercise are the ones that keep you coming back. Trying to keep up with a regular fitness program can be tedious which leads most people to become demotivated while trying to see it through. If anything, the friendly Golf club environment keeps players coming back to see their friends.

Playing golf with friends and family helps to keep it fun and exciting. Several sources like the Huffington Post claim that Golf is not only good for you physically but mentally, as well. A story in the Post claims that findings from 5,000 studies found Golf to increase life expectancy and wellbeing, improves mental health, and helps in the prevention of chronic illnesses. Plus, Golf was found to strengthen the bond between family and friends.

Training for Golfers

It is common knowledge to every golf player that strength training is key to success. You need enough strength to enable you to swing your golf clubs accurately and continuously. As such, many touring professional golfers recommend eight weeks of training. The pro golfers do their training in the offseason. However, you can perform your physical exercise at any time that is more suitable for you.

Physical Training Reduces Injuries

By having an active training program, you will be able to reduce injuries. Some of the injuries associated with golf include back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Knee pain usually comes about when you strain a weak knee while trying to stabilize a rotation. This rotation takes place at the hip axis while starting a swing. Swinging with lousy posture usually is what leads to back and shoulder pain.

You can see that most of these injuries can be prevented by having a healthy body in the first place.
Participating in regular training will help prevent fatigue. By reducing fatigue, the body parts used during your swing gain flexibility over time.

Nonetheless, anyone can do the necessary exercises golfers use, as they are not very intense. Some of them are quite easy and include neck rolls, shoulder stretches, trunk side bends, trunk rotation, and swing practice.

Apart from the physical exercises, golfers need to eat right to keep fit. One important point to note is that they should avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both of these cause the body to lose fluids. Apart from having a balanced diet, they should drink plenty of water and eat small healthy meals 5 to 6 times a day.

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