Buying a property is once in a lifetime investment for most of us. Therefore, you should opt for smarter solutions to get your money’s worth. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, you can choose several home upgrade options to suit your domestic requirements. The advanced cooling and heating systems together with modern energy-efficient home appliances can bring down your electric costs to a great extent.

Here are some tried-and-true options for incorporating green technologies at home.

Low Electric Consumption with Solar Panels

A recent study has revealed that people are shelling out money for solar energy-efficient homes and that is why the demand for an energy efficient home builder in Melbourne is on the rise. Installing solar panels for home is an excellent choice if you want to cut down your electric expenses.

Usually, a 5KVA system generates approximately 20 units of solar power in a day even in optimum climatic conditions. If you have a luxurious house with many high-consumption electrical appliances such as air-conditioners, washing machines, micro ovens you can go for this one. On the other hand, a 3KVA system which produces almost 12 units on a given day is sufficient for a small household.

Include Thermostats in Home Designs

In this modern era, there is no wonder our life centres on technology. The amazing benefits of Smartphone have made people search for smart home technologies as well to get the best deal on their electric expenses. Connected thermostats are the new craze among those who are planning to invest in energy-efficient homes.

With the help of this amazing technology, the homeowners can remotely control and monitor the heating and cooling systems. The benefit of connected thermostats is that adjusts the temperature automatically even when there is nobody present at home. By opting for this technology, you can be assured of huge cost and energy savings.

Energy-efficient Windows is Cost-effective

With the growing demand for greener and cleaner products, the eco-home builder in Melbourne has made it a point to include multiple energy-efficient options in their newly constructed modern architectural structures. Among the various options, one of the significant ones includes energy-efficient windows.

If you are looking for energy-efficient homes at an affordable budget, you can plan a strategy to ameliorate the efficiency of the windows. To do so, you can take some initiatives to install storm windows, window coverings etc.,

LED Lighting is a Wonder

The extraordinary benefits of LED lighting have made it an overwhelming choice among a majority of homeowners. The cost benefits and energy efficiency of LED lightings are sufficient to impress any homeowner. In general, LED lights consume approximately 75% less power than conventional lighting and are more durable.

Moreover, LED lightings come in multiple shapes and sizes and the dazzling patterns can complement any home decor. Bid adieu to the traditional lighting and lit up your home with a classy range of LED lights without burning a hole in your pocket.

What steps are you taking to upgrade your home this time? Terminate your stress of paying high electric bills with the above-mentioned clean energy technologies.  

Author's Bio: 

The author is an energy efficient home builder in Melbourne who keeps on posting various ideas on green home technologies to the readers and also has worked with some of the renowned eco home builders in Melbourne.