In Goal Setting, there are variables. Some variables are out of your control and so it is best to identify them as such. Then, the goal setter can go about the business of planning their control over the influence they have on these variables, rather than planning to control the variables outright. Other variables can just not be influenced at all, and should be acknowledged as such.

From Time Mapping:

I have separated variables into two groups.

+ Influenced Variables
+ Uninfluenced Variables

Let me give examples of variables.


Variable = “Energy” The energy to run a race. Variables like energy can be influenced by rest and diet.
Variable = ”Qualification” A person’s qualification for job promotion. Qualification for a promotion can be influenced by effort on the job and commitment to work ethic.
Variable = ”Rate” The rate of Weight Loss. The rate of weight loss can be influenced by diet and exercise.
Variable = ”Health” The health of a Relationship. The health of a relationship can be enhanced by communication and counseling.


Variable = “Weather” The weather on race day. Variables like weather cannot be influenced. (However, the location of the race can be controlled)
Variable = ”Competition” Who is applying for the job. Variables like external company applicants cannot be influenced.
Variable = ”Body type” A person’s body type. Variables like a person’s body type cannot be influenced, only worked with. (the three body types are ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph)
Variable = ”Random effect” The random events that occur in the world. Speeding cars, earthquakes, crying babies… some things that happen in life can not always be influenced, only dealt with. And although these things may not be within your influence, how you “deal” with them is fully within your influence.


The whole point of this article is that you identify variables correctly when you are goal setting.

When you are writing your goals, you have to have a good understanding of the variables you will be dealing with. The simple fact is that whether you want to deal with them or not, they will be there. You simply must identify them correctly in order to cope with them competently. If you don’t give a variable the proper credit it might reek havoc on your motivation or momentum while you are trying to accomplish the goal and this can effect you in a range of ways. Sometimes you might just experience an annoying set back that you didn’t plan on, while other times you might become devastated at the unfairness or difficulty the variable introduces.

Don’t just deal out your goal setting plan, know what your goal setting plan is dealing with.

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