How well do you set goals to fit reality? Because I find that I’m often enthusiastic when today’s goals fit me well! Because the reality right now is that I’m facing big challenges.

For me, I set goals based on what really fits this phase of my life. I adjust frequently. Especially during challenging times! Because my own specifications tend to change from day to day. At times that happens from moment to moment. So, I re-adjust throughout each day.

Indeed, right now, there are many things I cannot do. Yet there are some small things I can stretch to do. Sometimes! As in, on some days I can do a little of this this, on other days I can do a little of this – and maybe a bit of that, too.

Therefore, I dare to break big dreams into small goals and tons of teeny tiny steps. Furthermore, I dare to do them or not do them on a daily basis. I choose to make constant evaluations, re-evaluations and generally allow myself to start something small and stop for a bit, start something smaller and stop for the day, or simply start and fail to be able, or start and then dare to try again.

Because I’ve discovered that when I dare to experiment, I often can get today’s goals set about right, for today.

In bits and pieces, I can do what I need to do to build up a bit of momentum.

Because I’ve realized that I can probably do more long term than feels possible right now.

Because I CAN do some small things right now in the short term… sometimes!

Because I know momentum tends to kick in when people get in motion.

Momentum happens when folks attract the attention, suggestions and help of others. Momentum happens when there’s stuff that lifts others up that lifts you up that lifts others up still more. Then that lifts other folks too.

That’s how I set the groundwork in play for enthusiasm. I remember it’s not about me! It’s about finding small ways to help another person.

When I’m enthusiastic? Hey, I accomplish more. Even rough days!

Okay, so it doesn’t work all the time.

Some days I start and stop.

But, hey, by starting, I exercise the habit of starting!

And in any case, I do find it works often enough to make a difference.

So, it’s part of my process.

It’s part of how I’m able to look forward to tomorrow by setting today into the best shape that I can.

When today’s goal fits me, I’m eager to figure out exactly what I can do today… and get started into that doing.

When what I want to accomplish today fits me here and now, it’s easier to figure out the steps I need to take. There’s a wee bit less of a barrier between me and setting out to get started doing one thing after another.

Do you set goals to fit who you are today?

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Cynthia Ann Leighton provides valuable experience, insight, and inspiration as well as practical nuts and bolts strategy for moving forward.

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