Sauna weight loss is not for those people who need to lose considerable amounts of weight but for those with an extra 10 pounds or so, sauna weight loss is a wonderful option.

Many times our bodies simply need to rid of a few pounds of extra water. The problem that most occurs amongst the general population is that our bodies tend to hold onto extra water. The reason for this storage surplus is that our bodies are use to us not drinking enough water. If your body knows that you don't regularly drink water, it will preserve what water you do have at all costs.

The absolute best way to rid of extra water is to actually drink it. This will cause the body to let go of this water. Another popular method is to drink coffee and/or anything else with caffeine. Reason being that it causes the body to flush out more water than it takes in because your body isn't taking in pure water and it won't absorb it, but the coffee tricks your body into thinking that it is and thus water is released but not absorbed. This method done over and over will dehydrate your body. The best thing to do is to simply drink water.

However, losing weight with the use of a sauna has its benefits as well. Yes, you are losing water and salts which need replenishment. What is also happening is that you are releasing stored toxins as your body heats up and fat dissolves. This aids in gradual reduction of toxins. Your body will not run efficiently with stored toxins. It's like constantly being ill from the pollution in your blood. Your body absolutely has to get rid of these toxins for anything to run correctly, including your thyroid. Any sort of imbalance will throw your thyroid into panic.

Saunas are a great addition to our well-being. They're great for your muscles, great for mental clarity, great for sleeping, and now the added benefit of weight loss.

Sauna to Lose Weight

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