How nice it is to watch kids playing ball, drink tea while having a leisurely conversation with friends, listen to crickets in the silence of the night, sitting in a cozy country gazebo. We look forward to the arrival of spring to enjoy simple joys, but if the weather is not good, there is rain and strong wind outside, we will have to say goodbye to our plans. Glazing of gazebos will allow you to extend the summer and not depend on the vagaries of the weather.

Types of glazing for gazebos
There are two types of glazing - “cold” and “warm”. Decide which one will be optimal for you?

Cold glazing of gazebos with an aluminum profile  will ideally protect the space from wind, dust and rain, however, such structures are unlikely to cope with the task of maintaining a comfortable temperature for humans in the cold season. By installing a system filled with 4 mm thick glass, you will forget about drafts and be able to create a cozy little world for relaxation in your gazebo. If there are children in the family, we recommend installing triplex instead of ordinary glass; this will protect your fidgets, chasing each other faster than the wind.

Aluminum glazing of the gazebo is designed for a long service life, is not subject to corrosion, and does not require special care. The possibility of painting the profile in any shade of the RAL color palette will allow you to achieve absolute harmony with the facade of the house and the surrounding landscape. Another undeniable advantage of this type of glazing is its lightness; the structure can be mounted on any base.

When the weather is good, you want to be outdoors as much as possible.  Sliding glazing of a gazebo is the most economical, combining functionality, maximum illumination and reasonable cost. Reliable, stylish design does not require additional space when opening. The doors move easily, without effort.

Don't forget about mosquitoes and moths flying towards the light. To feel comfortable, order mosquito nets for opening parts of the glazing. The door to the gazebo can be made with regular or reinforced hinges, and a door closer can also be provided.

“Warm” glazing does an excellent job of thermal insulation and protects against noise. A heated room with installed PVC profile glazing will allow you to use a gazebo or veranda as a full-fledged living space, or equip a winter garden.

Features of choosing plastic windows for cottages
Glazing plastic windows in an apartment in a multi-storey building and a cottage is not exactly the same thing. Each of these events has its own characteristics and nuances. If installing metal-plastic windows in an apartment is a definite and understandable procedure, then with cottages the issue should be resolved according to an individual discussion.

Why? The fact is that each locality belongs to a specific climatic zone and requires a multifunctional double-glazed window with the ability to reflect sunlight from the street, as well as other necessary functions.

Plastic windows for cottages require  ensuring the comfort and safety of residents. Let's take a closer look.

1. Warmth must be maintained. It is worth recalling that heating a large house is an expensive pleasure, so it is necessary to create all the conditions for a more rational use of heat in the premises. Plastic windows must provide maximum sealing; by the way, this is also affected by the quality of installation. And for hot areas, cold glazing is suitable: not hot in summer, not cold in winter.

2. Shape and size matter. Many private houses have standard rectangular or square windows. However, there are also owners who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Installing plastic windows in a round, trapezoidal, triangular shape or in the form of an arch is quite possible, but keep in mind that this idea will cost an order of magnitude more, but will also look much more impressive.

3. Safety first. Who wants to spoil their house with bars on the first floor? This is no longer aesthetically pleasing or relevant. Metal “guards” have been replaced by modern plastic windows with a vandal-proof design: impact-resistant glass, special fittings and locking mechanisms.

4. Silence. It’s good when you can enjoy the sounds of nature through an open window: the murmur of a river, the singing of birds or the chirping of a grasshopper, but what to do when the windows overlook a busy street? Take this point into account when choosing double-glazed windows, because there are special models that can provide you with maximum silence and comfort.

5. Decor. Modern plastic windows for cottages can be not only white, but other variations are also possible: colored, imitation wood, stained glass or the application of various drawings and paintings. There are opportunities, all that remains is the owner’s desire to make his home brighter, warmer and more comfortable!

If you choose the wrong windows,  it will be cold, noisy, and intruders can easily get inside.  There are many requirements for glazing:

1. Energy efficiency. The main heat loss occurs through the windows of the cottage. With a well-chosen window configuration, heating costs are minimal.

2. Sun protection. This is especially important if the windows face south and are not obscured by trees. The hot rays of the sun will penetrate through the windows into the house and greatly heat the air - you will feel like you are in a sauna. Windows in cottages can be equipped with built-in blinds or tinted glass can be used for them.

3. Durability and burglary resistance. A triplex glass unit will not break from an accidental impact. Burglar-resistant fittings will protect your home from burglars. A high-quality PVC profile will ensure the durability of the window.

4. Aesthetics and ease of use. Lamination will help you choose the appearance of the window so that it matches both the facade and the interior. Additional decorative elements will give plastic windows for a cottage individuality.

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