Who doesn't love partying all night getting away from our regular monotonous routines? Yes, we all do and we all especially love to doll up in the best possible way to add an element of oomph to the whole look.

A good fit voguish dress is a happy pill for girls, it brings out their best self and provides confidence to walk in it, so we know how valuable it is to keep up with the on trend outfits. But are you aware of what is new-fashioned to pull off the all nighter sessions of dance on the floor, birthday bashes, wedding & reception parties, day drinking, prom nights and all the make merry? If you are still going for what you brought ages ago then babe you need a party edit ASAP.

This blog would contain all the hip and stylish dresses which are the must have party outfits this season to make all of you lovely beauties be the trendsetters. Get ready with us for your next occasion in the sexy and fashionable party wear and also be ready to get showered with compliments.

Satin dresses

The luxe feel silky satin dresses are the drool worthy party wears. For occasions of any kind, you can rely on them to effortlessly make you look sexy, chic and stylish.Girls wish to be flashy in parties and what is better than a figure hugging satin dress. Silky satin has the charm which helps to bring out the best stylish self of a woman. There are an extensive variety of satin dresses. It comes in mini, midi as well as in full length in various patterns. Be fancy head to toe for the night event draped in a satin cowl neck midi dress that accentuates the curves in all the right places to flaunt that perfect figure paired with sky high heels and accessorize with dainty accessories. Be feminine, sultry and bring out the inner glory with the chic satin maxi dress having deep v neck and high slit to give enough show. For the babe who doesn't want to reveal much, slip into one of satin wrap dresses and look stylish effortlessly.

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Cocktail dresses

We love cocktail parties, more so because we love cocktail dresses. But did you bring refreshment in your cocktail wear? If not then dive into the latest trendy cocktail dresses to get you through the evening in style. A fit and flare midi chiffon dress paired with gladiators and statement earrings escalates the style statement. They can go for every formal and informal cocktail party.

LBD is a classic timeless style and a must own outfit by every woman. When in confusion, go for a mini LBD paired with black strappy heels and show off that toned leg, girl, get ready to have all the eyes on you. Want to show more skin? Pick up a backless dress, hold the cocktail glass in grace and it doesn't hurt to be a bit flirtatious, does it? Wrap around ruffle mini dresses are on trend this season; they are chic, stylish and a bang on option for cocktail parties.

Bardot dresses

Bardot style is one of the biggest fashion trends this season and bardot dresses should definitely make way to every woman's wardrobe for party wear. The old time's on trend fashion revived while giving new touch to it gives us a major edge in styling and being fashionable. Bardot dresses have a huge variety of styles and we have seen many celebs wearing it gracefully setting it on trend. For wedding guests' looks, rehearsal dinners bardot dresses are very popular. The intricate detailing lace bardot dress when draped around brings out one’s chic, sophisticated and elegant self. A bardot bodycon midi dress is a simple yet elegant piece when teamed with strappy heels effortlessly makes one look gorgeous. Bardot style evening gowns look and feel luxe to wear and the fancy gowns are bound to make you look jaw dropping gorgeous beauty for special occasions.

Sequin dresses

Can the party collection ever be complete without having a sequin dress? Certainly not! The sequin pieces go up with the vibe of the dazzling parties and are one of the major wardrobe essentials for occasions. One of the perks of being a girl is that there is a ton variety in women’s outfit and so is in sequin dresses. It is available in various colours and in different styles. Going out with your girls for clubbing? Having a birthday bash? Dazzle up the night with your arrival in the party with embellished dresses.

A deep v neck mini sequin dress provides a sexy and attractive appearance and so get ready to have all the eye on you. Full puff sleeves are also on trend and the amalgamation of puff sleeve with sequin makes a very alluring combination. Go and grab one for yourself. (You can check it out on MissGlam Fashion.) Sequin gowns are the fancy sophisticated outfits for any ballroom events.

Now that you know what's hot in the party wear, hon get yourself at least one of 'em and effortlessly rock any event, parties and occasions. Be the fashionista and always appear in public looking different from the rest. Get your hands on the designer pieces from MissGlam Fashion.

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