In understanding the Law of Attraction and the power that it holds,

The more that you think about something and the more that you focus on that thing whether you want it or not your will attract it into your life.

And the more you think about it the more you attract it.

So why not focus more on the things that you actually want in your life and when you start getting it into your life you can then focus on more things that you want into your life and so on and so forth.

When I say focus I mean that you give this thought a lot of your time, a bit like when you have a passion for something and you keep thinking about it, e.g. like how it will look and what you will do when you get it.

When you start thinking about things that you want in your life like that you will start to bring emotional feelings with it and the more thought that you give it the more power you will give to that thing in coming into your life, and the stronger the vibrations and the more prepared you are to receive it.

Let me just state that whether you want something or not, the fact is that giving it a lot of thought and a lot of your time, you give it power to manifest into your life and it will eventually be in your life.

Even if you do not want it in your life and you are saying to yourself that you do not want it in your life you will attract it because you are giving it your thoughts and your time, you need to divert your thinking away from what you do not want and focus on what you do want.

Fortunately we do not get our thoughts instantly the minute that we think of it and because of this we have time to re-direct our thoughts to what we want instead of thinking about what we do not want.

Whether you know about the law of attraction or not it still affects us in our everyday life.

So as soon as you start to understand the impact your thoughts have on your life and the connection between what you think and speak into your life and the experiences that you are having in your life, you will understand that changing these thoughts will change your life.
Be patient with yourself when starting this, and take one step at a time, because we have had years of thinking of what it is that we do not want so thinking about what you want may be challenging at first.

Change you thinking and change your life and let this be the first day of the rest of your life. Congratulations.

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Jennifer David is a successful solution focused life coach and author of How to get motivated and stay motivated and Don't let negative thoughts stop you. Get your Free copy of Don't let negative thoughts stop you and more information from her website.