There is always a good feeling when you receive an award, especially if it’s a prestigious and special award in your company or from a well-recognized organization. However, you don’t need to have a prestigious and great recognition to be able to give out awards to people. A simple wooden plaque or glass award will already go a long way in appreciating a person’s hard work and dedication. Here are some simple awards you can consider in your workplace, community, or organization.

Employee Awards

Companies usually give out top sales awards, loyalty awards, and great achievement and excellence in a specific field or industry. While most prestigious corporate awards have a proper awarding ceremony, there are those simple awards given out informally within a company or business. Sometimes these awards don’t even have a trophy or plaque to go with it. An employee-of-the-month award posted in bulletin boards is one gesture of recognition. If you have the budget for it, why not provide a cash bonus or gift to extend the appreciation. A simple award plaque or certificate will also be a nice touch to any award. An employee will surely appreciate the gesture even if it’s not a too-big-a-deal award in a company.

Kid’s Academic and Sports Awards

One of the best ways to motivate children is to recognize their accomplishments and create some kind of reward system. At a younger age, kids would understand the importance of working hard to achieve a certain goal. They learn the concept of discipline, team work, and dedication. This is also a way to build their character and discover their strengths. Adults may not always find awards too special or meaningful, but to kids, these things matter. A spelling bee, debate, or a science project competition should have medals and trophies for winners. For any type of sports, trophies and medals should always be given out after the game or sports event. You can find various types of awards and plaques at

Community Involvements

In your community, is there someone who extends a lot of work and effort in various projects for community development? Sometimes, these are the people who must be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. Imagine not having anything to gain from community projects but the dedication is still there for the greater good of the community. It doesn’t have to be a Nobel Prize to be truly meaningful. Gather community members and give out a simple recognition plaque to an individual who provided exemplary work for the community. Appreciating these people will give them more reasons to feel motivated to do work for the community.

Awards for Your Mentor

A mentor provides something invaluable to an apprentice. There’s no official mentor award that people can just give to their mentors or bosses but we can always come up with something nice and formal like a glass award with some elegant and meaningful engravings. To make it less formal, you can also opt for a trophy with a witty wording on it. You know your mentor better, and you can decide whether to go for something formal or fun.

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