1.DECORATE the bedroom wall
This is a time when you can reminisce the days gone by to the time that is now, your wedding. Unique and nice, this would be quite a surprise for him. A wedding Mr. And Mrs. Wall frame plaque with pictures from then and now in it would make him all mushy.

2.A personalised note
Like in most cultures, you wouldn’t be allowed to see him and vice-versa before you enter the marriage hall. This is when you can surprise him with a sweet gift; a watch with a note telling him the time and the date where you shall be one with him The thought is more than enough and the feeling in the note would say it all. Send it through your friends over to him, and he would be eager more so to meet you soon.

3.Wedding toast flutes
There would be many toasts to raise, and these days Indian weddings too have adopted the toasting regime at some weddings. What you could do to make this extra special is to customise wedding toast flutes and long stemmed wine glasses to make the ritual extra special.

4.Send him a happy print
Emulate a print chronicle and write a column or a story of the happy times you have spent with him. Make it like a newsflash worthy to read and reminisce about the story; throw in your sense of humor and add a little punch to the write-up. Get it printed with imagery

5.Serve him a shot
Believe us when we say, grooms too have cold feet and panicky feelings at their own weddings, which is why you need to calm him down. What about a shot for the evening; a mini bottle of Bacchus would do him good and keep him smiling. Just one mini bottle that is and the groom would be in good spirits all evening and through the night. Send this to him through a friend an hour before the wedding, provided he isn’t already a shot or two down with his friends.

6.A token for your future
Life is an adventure, and marriage is one saga undertaken by two. Make this moment a special one for him by showing him what adventures lie ahead. He can carry this on him everyday, since it wouldn’t be too blingy

7.Keys for the love
Get a lock and key customised on romantic touches and notes, and send him the keys. Let him keep guessing what this would be for. In private time, ask him to unlock your love, in your own ways creative and imaginative.

8.A lucky silver horseshoe
A horseshoe in many cultures is considered to be a lucky wedding charm. Make it a lucky one for him and you, by presenting him one as an accessory or maybe for him to carry around or to hang on his study table.

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“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.”