A considerable number of people are struggling trying to find ways to trim their bodies. They are desperately seeking for ways to shed off significant amounts of weight. This is because when a human body is left on its own it gravitates towards disorder. A bright and magnificent set of brains left on its own tends to degenerate thereby turning reprobate. Anything on this plane left to itself, more often than not, drifts down towards disorientation making disorder the order of the day. It therefore becomes imperative to organize your life and allow yourself to be consistent with your goals and intended results. Being organized is the bright golden thread woven through all of man’s achievement.

Make a list of all the important things that you need to achieve and the things that you require to make your dream a reality. Also list those obstacles that are there to make your dreams unreachable. Make lists that are as realistic and long as possible. Set yourself to do those things in accordance with the deadlines and sub-deadlines that you set for yourself. As you start pursuing the relevant actions in the order that you have set, fully aware of the impediments, you will discover that your goal is within the realm of practical possibility. Things might not be strictly in accordance with the way you planned but the plans will certainly work as your campus. The small steps that you take will give you the necessary experience and in the process you will find better ways to fulfil your plans. This will buttress the belief in you that you will be able to achieve your intended goals.

In his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr Stephen Covey promulgated an incredibly amazing and effective model for time management. He introduced quadrants that he classified into four and the model has become popularly known as The 4 Quadrants. Quadrant 1 is filled with extremely urgent and important tasks. Quadrant 2 has to do with those tasks that are not urgent but extraordinarily important for success. Quadrant 3 carries activities that are urgent but not important. Some prefer calling it a quadrant of deception. Quadrant 4 has unimportant and not urgent tasks. Most busy people spend much of their time attending to Quadrant 1 activities. Activities in this quadrant cannot be eliminated entirely but spending reasonable amount of time in quadrant 2 can alleviate the number of fire fighting tasks in quadrant 1 since most of those tasks would have been properly taken care before spilling into quadrant one. This is the essence of being organized. Spending more time organizing and planning will save good chunks of time in the future.

As 2010 begins, make a concrete resolution to be more organized than last year. Getting organized is hard work and can even invoke the application of force but once order is in place everything else falls in place. It is like a working on a template. The amount of time and effort required is enormous but the time and effort saved in the future is beyond computation. Being organized will make you spend less time in executing important tasks.

Ozias Mucheriwa is a motivational speaker and writer. He writes from his website http://www.motivcenter.com/ and can be contacted at ozias@motivcenter.com or skype: ozymucheri

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Ozias is a motivational speaker and writer who specializes in self-development. His personal ambition to develop himself into a better person emotionally, mentally and spiritually has led him to become a life long student and teacher of self-development. Ozias conducts some motivational seminars with his main focus being Self-development, Success and Motivation.