Why is it important to get into action?-because just doing visualization and positive affirmation isn’t going to attract what we want. It is just hoping that some day it will happen-there is no some day in our calendars! People like to pretend that they don’t have to do anything to attract what they want is an error in their thinking. There is unlimited power in using the positive and negative, balancing it out including using them to something other then fighting each other.

Here is what happens when we get into action? You may do something that will get a desired result. It brings up all the emotions & thoughts that are contrary to achieving your goals. Getting into action also generates the energy and momentum needed to overcome whatever obstacles you discover both internally and externally that may be in your way. Action sends a clear sign to the universe that you are serious about your intent which primes the pump of creativity and creation.

The two types of actions you can take:

1. action to attract your goal
2. taking action without wanting anything back in return

Most of us act on only for ourselves (what’s in it for me?) or those we care about. However, it is important to take both types of action.

Just like with giving, when you act without wanting anything back in return – without being attached to the outcome – the results are much more profound. You are truly letting your actions go and not damming up the flow of universal energy. When you act with only personal intent you are running only on your limited personal energy. When you act for the good of the whole from your heart and without being attached to the outcome, you access the universal energy that is always available right within you so you have much more power to create. When you get into any type of action remember to let go of the outcome.

Author's Bio: 

Coach Steve Toth has more then twenty years experience in; life coaching, leadership development, management consulting, professional coaching and culture change. He has worked with hundreds of executives entrepreneurs and professionals as a personal-executive coach. He studied at the Management Consulting Institute, Context Training, Landmark Education, PAIRS Foundation, Transformational Breath Institute, and Naropa University.

In 2003 he founded Real Coaching Institute to provide coaching programs and consulting services
that dramatically enhance individual and team performance in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication
and Life Balance Management Skills.

In 2007 he founded Real Coaching Radio Network. He is the executive producer and with his team produces over a dozen radio shows weekly.

In 2009 he created a Joint Venture with My Rx for Living and later became a partner in On-line Interactive Coaching Community and Membership Site. It is a place for motivated, success driven people to focus on improving their lives together; creating financial independence, better relationships, greater ability to communicate
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