When you try to change your life, this is what happens:

Presently you are living in what I call Your CPR. Your CPR stands for your Current Perceived Reality. In your CPR, what you have is what you have, you know what you know, you do what you do and of course you are who you are. This for you is your Reality because this is how you perceive things. This is your perception and nothing else.

You want something else. You want to be somewhere else. Change is something you want in your life. This may be wanting to lose weight, having a healthier lifestyle, improving your finances, developing new relationships and a number of other things. This something else is what I call Your NDR. Your NDR stands for Your New Desired Reality. This NDR is where you want to be and what you want to experience.

In between your CPR and NDR is what I call Your Belief Gap. This is the space between where you perceive you are and what it takes to get where you want to be or your NDR. Now, how large is your Belief Gap? Now this is dependent on a number of things. It will depend on how long you have been living in your CPR, how difficult you think it will to achieve your NDR, how you will let your friends or family reactions towards your NDR affect you and many other factors.

Your belief gaps vary from the different changes you want to happen in your life. For example you may think that earning $5000 more a month is easier than losing 20 pounds in a month or vice versa. The bottom line is that until you cross your belief gap it will be very hard for you to reach that New Desired Reality you want to achieve or be in.

Take Action Challenge:

Take notice of the things you want. It could be a number of things… Earn more money, lose weight, find romance. What do you hear yourself saying when you think of Your CPR and getting to Your NDR? Do you motivate or discourage yourself? If more discouraging thoughts enter your mind, make sure to remove these thoughts!

Noah’s Note: Bridging your Belief Gap is the key to going from where you are to where you want to be.

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I believe in you!

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