Have you ever done something and wondered why you did it? Are there things that others have done in your life and you were left wondering why they did it or why did you accept it? Especially if it was an unhealthy and unholy situation? Well, the answers may not be easy to come up with. So how do you get to the why of what you do what you do?

To get to the deeper why of why you do what you do or why something happened in your life, go within your self and take your time to go through every layer of yourself until you hit upon the answer. This can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. A good way of helping you go deeper without become overwhelmed is to Journal your thoughts. Whether you write poetry, a short story or just let loose with your thoughts on paper, journaling is a good way of getting through the thick layers of your emotions and your subconscious.

Honouring your emotions is very important in the journey of getting to the why of what you do. We live in the Western world where we are not encouraged to go within ourselves to explore our emotions. We are taught to look at what we can see and understand mentally. However, it’s our emotions that influence our thoughts about ourselves and the messages that come up from our subconscious that influences our conscious selves. Therefore, it is important that you honour your emotions and release the toxic feelings that you are harbouring within you. As you begin to feel your emotions rising up in you, don’t censor them and don’t judge them as right or wrong. Your emotions are never wrong. Your feelings are your feelings. You may look at emotions as wrong based on how they are expressed. But a lot of times because individuals try to censor their emotions they end up expressing it an unhealthy way. In order to avoid expressing your emotions in an unhealthy manner, it would bode well for you to acknowledge and honour them which is different from expressing. Allow your emotions to come up, move through and out of you.

In order to do the internal work that is necessary for your spiritual growth, practicing the art of self-love will help to motivate you. It is an important step to understanding why you do what you do. Getting to the why of what you do will enable you to root out old-beliefs that you may have picked up during childhood, it will also help you to recognize the ways in which you are repeating in your adult life the things you saw your parents or your early caretakers did in their lives and in their interactions with you. If you do not love yourself the unpleasant things that happened in your life will continue to happen. You will end up resentful, unhappy and stuck in the blame game. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Whether it’s by their parents, their children or by their partners in their intimate relationships, everyone wants to receive love. We can’t give what we don’t have. We can’t receive from others what we haven’t given to ourselves. This means that if we are not open to giving ourselves the love we need we will be closed off from receiving that love from another.

When you have begun to understand the why of what you do from a deeper level, this opens you up to healing from a core level. You will now begin to embrace yourself fully and you will begin creating and attracting a healthier life. Give yourself permission to love you. By opening up yourself to more in life you will be willing to begin the journey inward to loving yourself and exploring who you are on a deeper level. You will be willing to dig up the old foundation of your life and begin to build a new and stronger foundation that reflects the new you. And by creating a stronger foundation you are creating a more balanced self.

Do not try to travel this journey on your own. If at any time your emotions begin to overwhelm you call upon a trusted friend who can listen to you without judgment. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your friends about your private issues, then reach out to a trained professional such as a therapist, counselor or a religious leader (the religious leader needs to be non-judgmental and understanding). Another way of handling your emotions is through artistic channels. Journal writing was mentioned above, but that is only one way. Dancing, painting, running, cooking, listening to your favourite music, and going outside and become one with nature are other alternative forms of therapy. These methods are of the higher selves and therefore very spiritual. Sometimes the physical self is not fully equipped to handle the range of emotions that it experiences. So whatever deity you believe in, whether it’s God, The Universe, Allah, or The Divine Spirit, surrender yourself to a higher power by calling upon your spiritual self to help you find the answers you are searching for within.


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