For most of us, getting over your first love can seem impossible. It's hard to believe that we can ever really be happy again or that we will ever find someone who 'gets' us the same way our love did. The truth of the matter is, we are all humans and believe it or not, we cannot love one person only; we are capable of loving more than one. We can love very deeply and while we won't love each person in exactly the same way, we can have more than one 'true love' in our lifetimes. So, for you to do your part, you need to set your mind and your whole you in preparation for yourself to be ready to love again; it may take time but it will happen. Below are the following magical ways to make a clean closure of the relationship so that you can already move on and find someone else and love again at some point:

1. To successfully follow all the steps, it is important to accept the fact that the relationship is over. This may be hard to do. You hope that the relationship will last until forever and you just can't imagine that it's done and over. Face the reality that you are single now and avoid any contacts with your ex.

2. Do no walk away and hide yourself. A few days, or weeks, of wallowing and hiding out is ok, but after that it's time for you to rejoin the world. That's not to say that you should start dating, you probably shouldn't at this point, but you can start spending time with family and friends and not just moping around in your bathrobe for days on end.

3. Do those things that you weren't able to do when the two of you were together. It is not all the time in the relationship that both of you enjoy the same things; there are times that your partner hates it while you love it, and so to compromise, you will not have the chance to do it. This is the best time to do the things you love, now that you are single. Remember the activities and places that once brought you joy and let them bring you joy again.

4. Take some time to know yourself a little more ; who you are and what do you really want. Make yourself better and be the best that you can. Cook, lose weight, paint your room, decorate your house, go for a shopping, meet with friends, spend more time with your family, just do anything that has a great and positive in your life. These activities can make you feel a sense of fulfillment and will help you grow eventually as a better person. These are also great in diverting your attention from pain that you are feeling now, even for a short time.

5. It's going to be difficult in giving yourself time, but you really need to. Whether you believe it or not at this point, some day the pain will fade and just be a memory and when that day comes you will be ready to love again. You need some time to mourn for something - a love that's lost and get some strength to live again. Do not allow others to take control of your thinking; if they tell you to move on, never listen; you can move on with your own pace. However, if you don't seem to be moving forward even a little after several months you may need to have a counselor help you through the grieving process.

Getting over your first love will be a difficult process but you can and you will. The feeling of first love is understandable, after all, it's the first time that you ever felt like this and it's hard to accept that it's over, but as long as you believe you can, it will happen.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Review of Second Chance Romance and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.