I feel like introducing myself… so here it goes:

Hi, my name is Griff Neilson, I am a fitness expert and a fanatic to go along with it. I love to help people find a healthier lifestyle that will serve them for the rest of their lives. I completely despise fad diets…I think they are dishonest money making machines that always screw people over in the long run. I am an extremely passionate person and those who know me best can attest to that. I believe in being effective with my time so that I can be the most effective person that I can be.

I do not like excuse making! As a matter of fact I despise it with all the energy I possess. When I make excuses I recognize them and I get back on the ball. I cannot stand whiners…they drive me crazy and they deserve what is coming to them.

I love the MIND! I love learning how to change it for the better. I love Psychology and the ever increasing base of knowledge that we have concerning human behavior. I am passionate about nutrition and staying in shape via daily exercise.

Wow…that felt good! It’s nice to meet you! Sometimes I am not myself in my writings so I thought it would be appropriate to give you a little taste of the “true me” before I start cranking out more and more content here on this wonderful website.

I am thoroughly convinced that most of us limit our health and fitness potential because we adhere to the “politically correct” mantra that we receive day after day. I turned on the T.V. yesterday and was watching a program that featured plus size fashions. It went on to say that plus size people need to learn to accept themselves (which I 100% agree with), but in the name of being politically correct it went on to say that part of accepting who they are is not obsessing about health or exercise! Are you kidding me? The correct answer in my mind is the following: “You need to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are in the present moment, BUT that is no excuse for being terribly overweight! Start now to change your life in a proactive way and do not stop until you have obtained your goal.

I meet with client after client that is either overweight or obese that discloses to me that their Doctor has told them that they are in “good health” and that there is “nothing to worry about”. This screams absurdity to me! Are you freaking kidding me Doc? Have you seen the climbing mortality related to being overweight? It is much easier to take the politically correct way out in this instance.

Let me ask you a question: what is really achieved when this route is taken? Let me answer this question for you.

What is achieved is a nation of people that think that they are “healthy” when they are slowly digging their graves with their spoons because they have a false sense of security stemming from a Doctor being “politically correct”.

I suppose many of you have felt the boldness of this article…that my friend is the point! We are so used to feeling “protected” by political correctness that we forget that we have a daily duty to get off our butt and exercise hard…yes hard…not this “walk around the block crap” and call it good for the day!

It may make you uncomfortable to be told that you are lazy…again this is the point. If you are not as healthy and fit as you would like to be, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. As Americans if we could collectively accept this “mindset” we would have much less health care problems and our obesity epidemic would be drastically slashed.

So what is the answer? The answer is to throw the PC factor in the garbage where it belongs because it is not rooted in YOUR reality! Only when you desire to become healthy and fit and throw out every excuse is when you will realize your goal. Remember that the culture in which we live in is not tilted towards your favor. It will have you believe some of the following trite and un-true statements.

-“You are who you are…be happy where you are physically”

-“Your genetics decide your physical make-up, so do not even try”

-“It’s hard to find time to work out because business has to come first”

-“It is impossible to eat healthy with all of the business lunches of our day”

-“You are healthy because your blood pressure has not hit (fill in the blank) upper limit level YET”

-Your TRYING…and that is all that you can do”

All of these overly used politically correct platitudes do much more harm than good. I guarantee that a lot of you were shaking your head in the affirmative as you read some of the examples listed above. They do seem reasonable and logical. They do seem to make sense, BUT they are not factual unless you make them factual!

We will talk a lot more about excuse making in the very near future. Let me give you the antithesis of these politically correct statements that you should be using to get in shape:

-“I am overweight and I know it…I and I alone must do something about it. I know that a large percent of my happiness depends on me taking action right now”

-“My genetics might not be the best in the world, but I have every reason to find my potential through daily exercise and healthy eating”

-“I am busy and time is precious but so is my body, therefore I will find time to exercise and eat healthy so that I will be a more productive professional”

-“I will assert and declare myself as a healthy person. I will not give into social pressure to compromise my health”

-“I know that my blood pressure is technically ok, but I know deep within my heart that my eating and exercise habits are driving it in the wrong direction, therefore I take corrective action right NOW”

-“Trying is never achieving. I WILL achieve my goal, come hell or high water…bring it!”

Well there you have it my friends. You are too good to fall for the politically correct drivel that keeps us sedentary as a nation. Shed the PC factor and face the facts. The sooner you do, the sooner you can take action. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will change your life for good! And remember, Life is Good!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Griff Neilson and I own two Personal Training Gyms in Kaysville and Layton Utah. I am extremely passionate about health education. The post you just read is indicative of my true thougths and feelings as they pertain to health and fitness. I believe that we are heading in the wrong direction as a nation and the statistics of obesity and disease will back me up. I would like to think of myself as soilder in an army that is equipped to battle the dismal health trends that we are facing.

I am currently getting into Corporate Health and Welllness and am seeking companies to share our wellness program (Fitent Infinity) with so as to help Corporate America become more healthy.