What would you do if you found yourself with an extra hour a day? Would you get a jump on the next day's projects? Would you use it to work on that never-ending honey-do list? Would you use that extra hour to ensure you would have an extra hour every day to make yourself invaluable to your employer, your spouse, or your community?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, chances are if you are "at least at certain times during the year" required to do extensive reading for your job. Quarterly reports or the latest parenting blogs and books can range from two pages to two hundred, and that can take some time to read especially when you are supposed to be keeping up on what the competitors are doing, or you only have naptime to yourself and want to take full advantage.

With the Complete Speed Reading Program Family Edition, you will be reading at twice the speed in just the first hour, guaranteed!

But you won't just learn how to speed read with the Complete Speed Reading Program. We at Speed Read America take a holistic approach to life and our product, we know that you are more than a reader. Included with our guaranteed reading program are also programs designed to help you set goals and achieve them. We also include relaxation and a course on developing your own self power.

Developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, a former university instructor and author with over 40 titles to his name, the Speed Read Complete Family Edition has been used by people of all ages from third grade to grandma and grandpa. Speed Read Complete has been translated into five languages and the program has been used in over 25 countries around the world to help people learn to speed read in their native language.

Whether you are in a reading-intense comprehension-required field, such as law, medicine, journalism, or academics, or you're a student looking to get ahead, or you just want to be able to say "Yes, I did read that book, and here is what I thought of it" The Complete Speed Reading Program is for you.

What would you do with an extra hour or two a day that you never had before? Get more sleep? Spend time with your family? Go out with friends? Finally do all those things you'd always said you wanted to do but never had time "like volunteering at a local charity? What would you do if you could read faster" finally join a book club? Take a continuing education class? Read the encyclopedia?

How about "whatever you would like to do"?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Polmar was an instructor of Be Dynamic with Speed Reading, at 9 colleges and universities from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. He's offering to you his rapid learn method to produce your own paper in 10 days or less. Enjoy! www.speedread.org