For a woman who have experienced all the hurt and pain from break up, she always see to it to get her boyfriend back in her arms again. When you are in severe pain, you feel that you cannot live in this world again, that it's hard to face a new beginning. Even if you are so hopeless and lucky less in love, you always have to keep in mind that there is still a chance that you and your ex can be with each other's arms again.

Here are the following realistic advices written from the heart to get your ex boyfriend back. Follow all the steps one at a time with proper handling and most of all, give some of your time and effort to do the steps. There may be tips that you think it's common and out of date, but believe me, if you will just learn it from the heart and follow it accordingly, you will see the best. OK, now onto the steps:

1. If you still have contact with your ex, break it off immediately. This is the best time to be with yourself; as in totally no contacts with your ex. Don't make your ex think that if does not meet someone new right away, you can still be available for back up. It's important that he feels the fear of thinking that he has lost you for good and he can't do that if you're always talking to him (it doesn't matter if he calls you or you call him, either way it's bad). This is difficult in your part because you are still on the most vulnerable time of your life and you feel so stressed that when you will give your ex total space, he will be working ways to find anyone. Just remember that if your ex is still madly in love with you, he cannot dare to enter into a new relationship with someone else. If he meets someone and finds out that she is not as compatible as you, that's the time he will miss you more than ever. Give him space, this is a good way to get him back no matter how odd that may seem now.

2. At this time, you need to really figure out some issues that need some significant changes. These are not actually changes that purposely want to magnetize your ex, but this is about assessing yourself and what are those traits you have that are not that good. This is an important step too because if time permits you to get back with each other's arms again, you will be fighting with the same issues again, so better if both of you or either of you is willing to make some changes for the good of the relationship. This is a very long process that will take weeks to months, but whatever it takes, you need to do it. Not only can this step help you in your relationship with your ex if the two of you do reunite, it can also help you in all aspects of your life and make you a better person.

3. Now that you've made the needed changes you should contact your ex and ask them if they'd like to get together. Keep this very light, don't make it sound like you want to meet with them to discuss your relationship. If you do it, your ex will just refuse you because he fears that you will end up fighting. A better approach would be to just ask them if they'd like to meet for coffee as old friends. As you meet for a dinner or coffee, he might recognize some changes in you, not physically but something inside of you, as such, your ex may feel that both of you should get back together.

These tips mentioned to get your ex husband back can work; if these work for the majority, these can work for your situation too. Just give your best shot; there's nothing harm in trying.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Ex Recovery System Review and the tips on How To Fix a Broken Relationship.