With the summer season upon us there are special events around every corner; weddings, high school reunions, family reunions, and vacations to exotic destinations. Do you want to show off a healthier and younger looking complexion at your upcoming affair? Add some or all of the following tips to your beauty regimen and your skin will improve be leaps and bounds.

1. Exfoliation
Exfoliation is a key component to achieving healthier skin. As you shed dead skin cells many of them get stuck with sebum giving your skin a dull and lifeless appearance. Regular exfoliation polishes away the dead skin cells, speeds up cellular turnover, and helps your other products penetrate more easily and work more effectively. Scrubs, enzyme peels, masks, and home microdermabrasion tools effectively exfoliate your skin and should be done 2-3 times a week.

2. Light Therapy
LED therapy is an incredibly dynamic and beneficial technology for promoting more beautiful skin. The DPL Therapy System is an FDA cleared device that can be used at home to achieve astounding results. It combines red LED lights with infrared LED lights to penetrate deep into skin and tissue where the powerful wavelengths stimulate collagen production, increase cellular activity and energy, and jump start the healing process. When done regularly, light therapy, can produce vast improvements in your skin.

3. Serums
Serums are more concentrated than lotions and creams and are a great addition to any skin care routine. They penetrate deeper and deliver potent ingredients directly to where they need to be. Ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and peptides have been proven to dramatically impact the health of your skin and have the ability to promote a younger looking complexion. So look for serums that contain at least one of these ingredients and apply before creams or lotions.

4. Eye Creams
The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and needs to be treated with very specialized products. Choosing the best eye cream that fits your specific needs will help your eyes look more youthful, rested, smooth, and rejuvenated. Whether you face dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, or sagging skin there is an eye cream that will address those needs.

5. Facial Exercises or Microcurrent Devices
You can tighten and firm your facial and neck skin by re-educating and strengthening the muscles that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. As you age your muscles weaken and sag pulling your skin down with them. Facial exercise programs such as Facial Magic or microcurrent systems like NuFace, work to tone and tighten your facial muscles creating a firmer appearance. Facial exercise programs and microcurrent devices need to be implemented regularly, just as any exercise routine, or you won’t see results.

6. Eat Healthy Foods
Feed your skin from the inside with plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit your sugar intake. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants which help to protect your skin from free radical attacks and nourish your cells with vital nutrients. Sugar causes a process called glycation which ages your skin by causing your collagen and elastin fibers to become brittle.

It’s important to give yourself time to see results, they won’t happen overnight. With consistency and persistency your complexion will look healthier and more vibrant. Take care of yourself both inside and out and your skin will look the best it can look for your special occasion.

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Victoria Girard is dedicated to helping others obtain beautifully healthy skin. Learn more about the benefits of systems such as the DPL Light, NuFace, and Facial Magic and how these as well as other effective products can help you improve your skin and your health at RevealGreatSkin.com