Growing in popularity in recent years, brewing your own lagers and beers is a great way to save a surprising amount of money. More than just a parsimonious man’s method of remaining sloshed long after the cash has gone, home brewing is fast becoming an unusual pastime.

Specialising in providing eager brewers with the quality brewing equipment they need to ensure a successful brewing process, Home Brew are a company who pride themselves on their great level of service and large selection of brewing equipment.

Included in their range of brewing equipment, the BrewBuddy Lager Starter Kit is a great choice for those looking to get their hands on the brewing equipment they need to start making their very own lager. With a 25 Litre brewing bin, the starter kit means that you’re able to make a large amount straight away – a full 40 pints of larger. The hydrometer allows you to check the progress of the fermentation process easily, and the siphon tube means that transferring your brew to the bottle isn’t the hassle it has the potential to be.

With a great selection of yeasts and yeast nutrient, Home Brew’s range of brewing equipment is comprehensive, and caters for the entire brewing process from start to finish.

Helping you to correctly set up your brewing equipment and improve your brewing skills, Home Brew also have a number of handy books that enable you to immerse yourself into the foamy, frosty world of fermentation.

With new brewing equipment products being added to Home Brew’s range – and with better brewing equipment being manufactured - keep checking back if you’re looking to expand your brewing repertoire.

To find out more about the great selection of brewing equipment from Home Brew, visit them online today and make sure that you’re churning out a quality hooch that does the trick and tastes great.

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