Who says you can’t get the guy you wan to want you? If they said that, then they have no idea what they are talking about. You can honestly have any man you want. Sure, you can’t control another person’s mind, put you can put yourself in the best light and let him see how wonderful you truly are. Of course once this happens, he is undoubtedly going to want you as much as you want him.

There are many ways that you can get yourself noticed, but being noticed is not the same thing as being wanted. Below are a few tips which have him wanting you around for a very long time.

How to Get the Guy You Want to Want You

* Beginning by loving who you are. Recognize who you are and what you can contribute in a relationship. Know that you are a valuable person who adds greatness to the world. You can stand on your own two feet, and this is something that men love in a woman.
* If you are single and you hate it, let him know. Decent guys are not going to ask women out if they do not think they are single. Make sure that he knows even if you have to wear an “I am Single “ tee shirt.
* Make sure that he sees you. How can he notice you if he can’t see you. Take the time to walk by his desk and say “hello” and smile. As soon as he returns the greeting, introduce yourself if you have not already done so. Then you want to create a short conversation about him. If you know he is a runner, ask him for the name of his favorite trail. Perhaps he will invite you to join him for a run.
* Do you know any good jokes? A man always remembers a woman who makes him laugh. Because even when you are not feeling well, laughter can greatly improve your mood. A woman who can keep a man in good spirits is one that he will want to be around often. Sharing your best jokes is one way you can get the guy you want to want you.

No matter what, you should be true to yourself and let all your good qualities shine forth. Once this guy realizes the wealth you are offering him, he will definitely want to see more of you.

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