Skin tags are small growths that hang off the skin and can be easily confused with warts. Usually, old people have them, but they can also pop up on young people. Skin tags appear on all individuals because of various motives; hence, go to a dermatologist and get rid of skin tags.

You can opt for freezing or burning your skin tags, and you can apply the same methods as for eliminating warts. One of the most popular questions related to skin tags is whether removing them at home is safe. You will be happy to hear that you can safely remove them if you take into account all steps. A good example would be checking if the growth you are removing is truly a skin tag. There are many malignant tumors that can look like a skin tag, so you should better ask a doctor to take a look at it before starting the treatment. Natural treatments can be used for eradicating skin tags and they won't cost you an arm and a leg, unlike dermatological products.

Tea tree oil is a very popular natural treatment that has to be applied over the skin tag with the help of a soaked cotton ball. If you want to remove the skin tag, wiping the cotton ball on the skin tag is necessary. Prior to using the tea tree oil, utilize soap and water to cleanse that specific portion. Repeating the action for several days leads to the falling of the unwanted skin tag. Skin tags can also be removed with the help of Dermisil, which is a herbal extract. Three plants create this great medicine which can heal your skin in a miraculous way: Melaleuca alternifolia, Ricinus commnis, and Thuja occidentalis. This remedy may not be found, but there are others which have in their composition the same ingredients.

Castor oil is other natural ingredient utilized for eliminating skin tags, and it brings best results if used with banking soda. Combine these two ingredients and place the resulted paste over the skin tag. Skin tags can be eradicated with the help of various attractive methods, except from the natural ones. For instance, you can apply fingernail polish on the skin tag multiple times per day until it is gone. You can also tie the base of the skin tag with some thin string or even dental floss. Let it there and you will get rid of the skin tag in only a few days. Another way of removing skin tags is covering them with duct tape. After a while, the duct tape will begin loosening up, which means the skin tag is being removed. If pain is not a problem for you, use nail clippers or scissors and cut the skin tag off. Still, make certain you are utilizing germ free tools for this action. It is advisable to utilize alcohol in order to steer clear of any contamination.

Don't go for this solution unless the others are inefficient, due to its high risk of pain and infection. Among other common remedies there is vitamin E or apple cider vinegar. All in all, before removing a skin tag you should analyze all these methods and see which suits you better. Keep calm if you see several remedies aren't good for you. One of these methods will certainly help you get rid of skin tags!

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