It is important to be knowledgeable about the home health care agencies before hiring any one of them for your needs. Since there are several such agencies and all of them are not created equal, such knowledge will help you to make the right choice and get the desired level of service from the most professional and highly trained home health care givers.
Moreover, most of the agencies typically function off the efforts of volunteers and may have only a few paid employees, if not any. Therefore, you will need to know about the agency you want to hire for home health care service form inside out so that you get the optimal value for your money.
Finding the right agency
As said earlier, there is a large number of home health care agencies in Philadelphia and all are not created equal, finding the right kind of home care agency for you or for your loved one can really be overwhelming and the first challenge that you need to overcome.
• First, you should look for such care agencies in your area providing the zip code or your city in the search box. This will provide you with the address, contact details as well as the summary of the services offered by the care agency.
• Next, visit the website of the agency to find out more details about their services, location and more importantly reading the reviews, rating and the testimonials of their previous or existing clients.
• Lastly, contact them directly to find out about their specific services offered in your area. Even better, visit their office personally to get a more realistic and a clear picture about their service, reputation and reliability to ensure that your loved ones get the right type of care as needed.
All the time, be specific and realistic with your care choices, especially if you are looking for something on the long-term basis.
A reliable service
Typically, a reliable and reputable care agency will offer their service to adults of any age whether it is short or long-term care in their homes or community instead of a long-term care facility or a nursing home.
• They will also offer specific care management program along with an in-home assessment to ensure that the care services can be provided as just required.
• They will have wide and long-standing connection to a wide range of home and community-based services.
• They will design all their services specially for assisting the older adults and younger patients as well suffering from disabilities so that they can live in a setting of their choice.
• Lastly, the agency will also help the people to transition back into their community if they are at present living in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home after a hospital stay.
These are all the attributes that you should look for when you want to hire a reliable home healthcare service provider.
A helping hand
The home care agencies will be your helping hand in caring for the health of the senior patients. These help and guidance can be provided by different people such as:
• The care managers
• Trained nurses and even
• Social workers at times.
They will help you in different aspects apart from the basic healthcare. They will help you to sort through your available options, make the necessary arrangements for the needed care process, and make sure that everything is in accordance to the need of the patient and support easy movement within the home.
The care agencies are also well-versed in local services that will provide help to senior patients in other allied services of healthcare such as:
• Providing and arranging for the necessary transportation to visit the doctor and even to the nearby grocery store
• Providing meals on wheels at home or group meals as per the need and care settings
• Helping with other day to day activities of life such as bathing, cooking, cleaning, or doing the laundry.
Their primary goal is to provide information and impartial professional advice to the adults of all ages and income level so that each of them can make an informed and educated decision.
In short, they will help you to make proper plans so that your loved ones can live and age gracefully, safely and independently just as they want in the home or in any other settings of their preference.
The working process
The working process of the home health care agencies is well-designed and carefully crafted so that it covers all aspects of home healthcare just as the physician recommended.
• It all starts with an in-depth interview with each of their clients. This is done to know and discuss about the personal needs and wishes of the patients which ideally can vary from one person to another.
• The next step involves offering information to the clients about the available options and helping them to make the right choice for the person to receive the care service. However, it solely depends on the adult whether they would accept the offers or decline.
• The care agency may also perform an assessment of the health conditions of the patient for those who need specific health care by a trained nurse or a social worker.
• They will also take into account other contributing factors like the emotional condition of the patient, the environmental or home safety situations as well as the social conditions.
Finally, the care manager will provide you with a proper and justified plan of care. This plan will include several details of services such as personal care, meals and relief for families apart from the basic care services such as helping with the medication or dressing the wound, if any.
Though most of these services will be delivered to the patients in their homes, there may be a few valuable services and supports that may exist in other settings such as a community, out of home care, adult day services, and congregate meals.
Once you accept a service, the care process starts with regular evaluation of the situation and making adjustments if you are not satisfied.

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