My dad was passionate about Home Brewing and as I recall he was pretty adept at Wine Making if my memory serves me correctly. I have vivid memories of him in the kitchen at the family home busily preparing demijohns, tubes and fermenting all sorts of homemade concoctions, like I said he was really into Wine Making. Now I’m older I can appreciate what dad saw in Wine Making especially when you take into consideration how affordable and rewarding it can be. I’ve never tried Wine Making but I do like the occasional glass of red, so it makes me wonder, would Home Brewing be my cup of tea?

Getting started with Wine Making

I have to admit something here. I know nothing about Home Brewing but I do have a few of my dad’s old demijohns down in the cellar so I’ve got something to start Wine Making with. I know you can buy Wine Making kits that contain everything you need to start to start brewing at home so they could be worth closer inspection. The Wine Making kits can be purchased direct from home brew centres and they contain everything you need, all you have to do is provide the fruit. My dad used to make elderberry and blackcurrant wines so maybe I’ll go fruit picking down a country lane and begin Wine Making to follow in his footsteps.

The advantages of Home Brewing

The more I think about Wine Making the more I like the idea. I know my dad used to take great pride in the wine he produced when he was Home Brewing and he always had a supply on the go. What I find most amazing is the cost of Wine Making, once you’ve bought the basics Wine Making kits are really affordable. You can produce gallons of Pinot Noir and bottle upon bottle of Merlot and it works out way cheaper than anything you’ll be able to buy in a store. Plus as you become more experienced at Wine Making you’ll be able to create your own recipes and brew quality blends that taste absolutely amazing.

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