Surveys show that about 30 million people have undergone refractive eye surgery and there are still about many who are contemplating the fact whether or not they should dive into it. Today, individuals opt for bladeless lasik or lasik eye surgery in order to get rid of the dependency they have for the glasses or even contact lenses as it hinders their freedom. Lasers in the present day scenario are used to reshape the cornea of the eye and disorders or eye problems such as hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.
As far as the surgery part goes, it is one of the safest medical processes relating to eyes and the technology regarding the same has only increased without any further complications. Disorders relating to eyes can affect not just your daily chores but the quality of your life and sight are equally affected. However, if you plan to undergo Lasik surgery, then make sure about what you are getting into as there have been instances where the surgery or Lasik eye treatment has undergone difficulties and the surgery could not be successful. Choose only the best and don’t get influenced by what others say.
Bladeless Lasik is one such eye treatment that has been the preferred Lasik surgery patients opt for as it requires minimum time and optimal results are delivered within no time and energy. The patient does not require staying at the hospital for a night or even for the whole day. The surgery takes less than an hour and the results are phenomenal. The risk of complications, is minimized as the microkeratome or the blade is not used which reduces the complications multi-fold times. Human error is further reduced by the use of another laser technique named IntraLase.
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