With so many unemployed or furloughed across the country, many people need a 1000 dollar loan.

A $1000 loan is a simple, short term loan to handle any emergency expenses. A $1000 loan can be one of 2 kinds of loans. In some states, you can get a $1000 payday loan that is paid back within a month or from your next paycheck. In most states, a $1000 loan is considered an installment loan. The difference? Simply put, an installment loan has lower interest rates (it is not fee-based like a payday loan), and it is paid back over a longer-term (typically a minimum of 6 months to a year term).

A $1000 loan can be a lifesaver in times of urgent need and is fast and easy to qualify for. CashOne has been helping people across the country for more than a decade to get the emergency cash they need, including a $1000 payday loan. When you request a loan from CashOne you select the amount you need. We then connect you with lenders that may be able to lend that amount to you, whether on a payday loan or an installment loan.

If your request is approved and you accept the terms of the loan, you will normally get the cash in your bank account in one business day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Some states limit loans to a maximum of $500 for payday loans. Anything above that is considered an installment loan which has different loan rules in each state. Virtually every state requires lenders to be licensed in their state. If your state limits the loan amount, you can still apply, and your request will be sent to lenders who do installment loans of $1,000 or more.

Simply go to CashOne and complete a short, secure loan request form. It takes just a couple of minutes. Then hit ‘submit’ and get an answer in 90 seconds or less. If you are approved, you will be contacted immediately. You are never obligated to accept a loan offer from any lender.

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Robin Williams is an Executive at CashOne, which serves to connect consumers across the U.S. quickly with its authorized lender network for payday loans online.