A short definition of a $100 loan

A $100 loan is usually a payday loan that most people can qualify for even with poor credit. It is intended as an emergency loan only and not for casual spending. This type of loan is paid back within 30 days, often on the borrower’s next pay date.

What are the options to get a 100 dollar loan?

Traditional lending institutions will not provide small-dollar loans. Some states allow auto title loans, but the auto is collateral, and risking the loss of a car for a $100 loan never makes sense.

The best way to get the $100 that is needed right away is to find some things to sell off quickly for cash. Optionally, you can ask family or friends for a quick loan. Requesting a $100 loan via a payday loan should be the last option considered.

How does a $100 payday loan work?

You make your loan request by completing a short loan app form and submitting it. You get an answer in 90 seconds or less. If approved, you are connected directly to your lender to discuss the loan terms and get your questions answered. If you agree, the money is in your checking account in 1 business day. There is no faster loan process.

Where to get a $100 loan now with no hard credit check?

Payday lenders do not do hard credit checks like traditional lenders. They use alternate systems that do not impact your credit scores. The primary factor in approval is your recent income history, as it is the best indicator of your ability to repay your loan. Your past credit problems are not important unless they relate to a previous payday loan (perhaps you defaulted on a loan in the past year or so).

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