Germany is a top tourist destination with leading domestic tourist revenue in the whole of Europe. Consequently, there are several hotels that range from basic rooms to luxurious suites. Remember, you can reside in the country but choose to operate from a hotel room. 

Hotels are rated using a world star system, which includes modest ones falling between one, two, and three. Luxurious ones are at four and five stars.

In one, two, and three-star hotels, you will likely share bathrooms with no sophisticated amenities. The rooms are also smaller.

However, at four and five stars, you have the whole hotel staff at your disposal and comfort luxuries such as robes and woolen towels.

So, where do you start when looking for a hotel in Germany? Choosing a place to stay can be very challenging, as there are many options. Do you go to historical or country hotels? Or do you choose Romantik?

Here are the types of hotels in Germany with examples in each. Kindly also note that not all types are costly; there are actually more affordable options than you can imagine.

They include:

Germany’s Romantik Hotels

A five-star rating will tell you about the basic amenities, which is obvious. How about glamor and beauty? Well, there are many Romantik hotels where you can amply stay and still live within the budget.

Romantik hotels exist in ancient buildings, and most are under owners' management. Such hotels exist in all cities around Germany, not forgetting major towns. Some affordable Romantik hotels include Goldener Karpfen and Walk'sches Haus. High-end hotels in this category include Restaurant Hirsch and Hotel am Brühl.

Germany’s Country Hotels

Countryside hotels are a perfect getaway from city noise and hassle. Germany has one of the most beautiful countryside scenery that you wouldn’t want to miss. Other than the heavenly atmosphere, there are lots of traditional foods and booze to enjoy.

In other words, Country hotels are a clear depiction of paradise, not fantasy but real-time. These hotels range from farms that offer rooms for travelers to castles that host families. For quality time, you can spend at bauernhof, winzerhof, and LandReise

Germany’s Spa Hotels

Thinking of going to a spa hotel in Germany? Unlike in most spa hotels around the world, German spa hotels offer "special water". Ever since Roman times, visitors have been coming to Germany to “take the waters” in health spas surrounded by hot mineral springs said to have healing properties. However, if you are planning to stay on a slim budget, you shouldn't worry as spa hotels range from modest to luxurious presidential suites.

To get plenty of food, casinos, and unlimited access to coveted waters, you can stay at Baden-Baden, or Bad Reichenhall. The word bath, in this case, literally means “sacred water”.

Budget Hotels in Germany

If you’re willing to stay outside the city center and take public transportation to get around, you can often find lower rates in better hotels. 

Germany has its full share of economical bed and breakfast choices, as well. B&Bs, also known as pensions, maybe small hotels, but most often, they’re private homes with live-in hosts. The best way to find listings is by contacting the local tourist offices in the areas you plan to visit. You can also find listings at international online services such as BBOnline, BnBFinder,, or, of course, Airbnb.

Practical Information for Germany

  • Currency - Euro (in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes)
  • Cuisine - The nation’s chefs are increasingly adding a contemporary twist to timeless German classics
  • Tipping etiquette - Services is, as a rule, included in your bill – so there’s no need to tip.
  • Transport - Germany offers one of the finest transport systems in Europe. You can travel by plane, train, car, bike or boat – take your pick.

Accommodation related words & phrases

  • Zimmer mit Frühstück - room and breakfast. Breakfast can be buffet style or just bread rolls, butter, jam, and some meat or cheese. Coffee or tea is included.
  • Halbpension - half board - a room with breakfast and one other meal included in the price, usually dinner.
  • Vollpension - room with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from coffee/tea for breakfast, you have to pay for your drinks.
  • Haben sie ein Zimmer für eine Nacht / zwei Nächte? - Do you have a room for one night / two nights?
  • Ist Frühstück im Preis eingeschlossen? - Is breakfast included in the room rate?
  • Einzelzimmer - single room
  • Doppelzimmer - double room
  • Dreibettzimmer - triple room
  • Kinderbett / Zustellbett - cot / camp bed
  • Hat das Zimmer Dusche/WC? - Does the room come with shower / toilet?
  • Wann gibt es Frühstück? - What time is breakfast?

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a novice on your first grand adventure, you're clever enough to know that getting great Germany accommodation can play a big part in making the most of your visit.


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