Tried to seduce a man with no luck?

Here is a step by step guide for you to try for an increased chance of getting a positive hit:

1. Confidence is key. Before you attempt to do anything, make sure you have stone cold confidence that you can do it. When you start to worry of what might go wrong in your acts to seduce a man, they all end up happening, ruining all your chances. If you are a nervous wreck, everything you do looks awkward and forced.

2. To seduce a man in, engage him in sex talk. The main problem when you try to seduce a man is not that he is straight but his view towards man to man action. The trick is to make your move fast and smooth that he will have no clue what hit him. It is similar to the "it just happened" phenomenon that girls used to say when they end up having sex with a guy. Ask him about his recent sex escapades. Make him tell it like it is porn, asking details to make sure that his story is steamy and sticky, enough to make him as hot as hell itself.

3. After you bring the heat, to seduce a man, direct attention to his package. Tell him it is not getting enough action because he is too frigid and there are a million possibilities of pleasure he has not explored. Enumerate all the sexual glory another man can bring and leave him curious as to what he is missing. Then at some point, go for his chicken - from here, he is so hot all he will beg for is release, and after the deed he will end up saying "it just happened."

Of course, all this can be done in under 10 minutes. So enjoy!

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