When choosing what type of garden pest repellent to use in your home garden, your biggest dilemma is probably whether to choose organic products or others to get rid of those little buggers. After all, you would rather save those herbs and vegetables for your family, you are not growing them to feed the bugs. There are many websites to help you find the best solution for you in terms of natural pest control.

When looking for natural control, you will find solutions such as non-toxic homemade remedies, beneficial insects (did you know you can buy ladybugs?) and other items to help you prevent pests in the first place. Do not forget about electronic pest control, either. There are ultrasonic and electronic repellents for flying insects and animals in a variety of price ranges. Use your favorite search engine to scan the internet if you would like to take a natural approach to pest control. If you want to have an organic garden, you need to start with natural pest control. If you do develop a pest issue then you will want to use a homemade remedy or organic products.

Again, a search on the internet will reveal a multitude of options in this area. Some websites even have interactive tools to help you determine which bug is eating your garden and then will help you find the right product. If you don't want to spray or sprinkle anything on your garden, try electronic pest control devices. Organic bug repellents are made from plant extracts which can be very effective in pest control. Before applying organic pesticides you might want to try planting a wider range of plants next to one another. There are many herbs and plants that can compliment one another on your family table as well as in your garden.

For example, if you want a nice crop of asparagus you would also want to plant companions such as tomato, parsley and basil. In addition to complimentary plants there are also uncomplimentary plants, so be sure to search for listings when planning your planting. Make a trip to your local hardware store and you should find what you need to get rid of your garden critters. Most hardware store employees can guide you to the right area depending on your issue. No matter your price range, you can find something to spray or sprinkle on your plants and get rid of any unwanted guests that have come to live in your garden.

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